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what you sometimes get to see as a groomer...

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Just wanted to share a story that really bothered me today. I work as a groomer for a vet clinic. Some of my dogs and cats have to be done under anaesthetic, because for one reason or other, doing them awake is not possible. I got a Bichon this morning that was such a candidate. My boss gave the injection and set the dog up under the gas. And away I go, buzzing the fur and trimming the ears. When I got to the feet, I part the hair away from the dew claw (on the left front foot) and see it has grown around and imbedded itself in the pad. Not only that, but it was starting to come back out the other end!! My goodness! So we clip the nail, pull the excess out, and my boss puts antibiotic cream in the hole (you can almost see clear through to the exit hole) and surgical "glue" and monitors the pad, which is very swollen and inflamed. The same thing on the other front foot, though not as bad. 360 degree turn (luckily missed the pad), and through the pad for another 180 degrees. HOW can the owner let the dog get so bad?!? It's beyond comprehension!! My vet thinks the inflamed pad and nail might need to be surgically removed, if it doesn't heal properly... maybe both of them...

One thing's for sure. I solidified my justification for not becoming a vet tech today! Nearly lost my breakfast when I saw all that!
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That's horrible! No wonder the poor thing wouldn't let anyone touch him.
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I think you should report her!Call Aniamal contral.
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I second what Sherral said, unless there are outstanding circumstances, such as an elderly, housebound owner, the owner of that dog should be reported for neglect. No wonder the dog needed to be put under to be groomed! He must have been in terrible pain with every single step he took!!!!!

Some people shouldn't have pets.
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OMG that is awful!!! I never understood how people could let there pets nails get like that. I have had guina pigs, cats, and dogs and I trim everyone nails if i see them starting to get to long! that is just awful poor doggie!!
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Oh.. I do hope the doggy feels better soon... poor little guy.
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Is there anything you can do?? That's horrible!
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I don't think it should matter if the owner is elderly. You need to make arrangements of SOME kind, to get this type of work done for your animal. I don't care who you are, or what you deal is.

I am very interested to see what you said to the owner when she returned, and what you or or someone will say to her about the situation!

Though I realise sometimes you have to be careful, cause if you say something to peeve someone off, they might deside to never take the animal back to a groomer or vet again! Thinking that they will just get yelled at or introuble. And thusly, the poor pup has to suffer even more! It's not a groomers place to tell the laws of neglect, that's up for animal control to confront her with IF thh thinks that is necissary.
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I spoke with the owner before the dog was put under, and he was aware of the nails. He was a man, probably mid 40s to early 50s, and he claims he takes his dog to the retirement homes to do pet therapy, but I doubt that. The dog is so scared of strangers... I can't imagine her in a room full of them! And I also know that pet therapy dogs have to be CLEAN nose to tail before being admitted. This dog was not clean. She had cling-ons, was dusty and dirty, and mud caked on her feet... No wonder the pad was so swollen! It had been over a year since her last grooming...
My vet kept the really long nail to show the owner when he came to pick up his dog... Hoping the shock treatment will work.

It might be interesting to see what she looks like when she comes back for her check-up to see if the antibiotics/ creams/ disinfectants are working properly. If she's neglected then, I'll talk to my boss about reporting the owner...
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