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Song Stuck on your head …06-30-08

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Good Monday to everyone my dear friends..

Time to say wich one song have been stuck on your head during the weekend..

1.-Just put the Name of the song and his performance
2.- If you want to put the link of Video and lirycs, go ahead!

For me this week was
The lirycs:...
The video:...

share with us your song Stuck!
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I blame my friend for this one! We got together over the weekend, and she started talking about buying yet another new house (she likes change! ), and making sure this one was big enough for her to buy that llama she always wanted!

So currently, I have "The Llama Song" stuck in my head.

The Song:

The lyrics play under the song.

The lyrics if you can't watch the video:
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I've been listening to Saigo no Kajitsu by Maaya Sakamoto a lot lately.
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that llama song rocks
I have the legend of zelda theme from system of a down

love it
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Great additions my friends!...
and H-chan, love your siggy!...
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
and H-chan, love your siggy!...
Thank you! Icklemiss was the one who made them.
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heh he, The Llama song, heh heh. Im not sure who sent it to me cause after watching it for about 5 or so hours could have been longer, of watching it I lost all capacity to think. Somewhere into this brain fog dementia I did shoot the song to my best friend. Her Son, 11yrs old watched it, and LOVED it, played it over and over and over, sent it to all his friends and, well, she was tormented with this for quite a while! This was aout two or so years ago and to this day I can call her and say "Here's a Llama there's a llama and another little llama..." she will hang up on me and send me emails containing many cuss words
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it's kinda like this song that never ends and is the best! I like this version better than badger
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Now I have the Lama Song stuck in my head too. Thanks a lot! (Even my SO is singing it now)
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For some reason, I woke us this morning singing Spiderman! Spiderman! Does whatever a spider can! It's driving me nuts!
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I was singing the Llama song at work and my boss asked me if I was on crack (He always jokes with me like that!)
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there are not more entrys?...
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Ever since I read the other song thread I have had All Along the Watchtower. The Jimi Hendrix version.
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