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if she does not stay off my stove. I cooked chicken for quesadillas last night, and while I was giving my husband his weekly massage, she pushed the whole pan on the floor and was chowing down when I came in. Fortunately most of it was still in the pan or the lid. This morning when I got up, she had gotten on the stove and eaten the little bit still in the pan which I was going to treat all of them to. She is such a brat! She does stuff like that all the time. The others don't do it, and it just makes me so mad at her. I am so afraid she will burn her paws some day. I usually put stuff in the oven after cooking before eating to keep her away from it,but forgot to put it there last night, getting ready my massage table ready. I am at a loss as to what to do. There is a door, but it closes off the feeding area, which I have nowhere outside that door to put it.