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Need help with kitten food

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I'm a newbie and will be getting my first kitten on Thurs. He/she is @ 6 weeks old. I need some advice on kitten food. I've done some research and want to know any opinions on Nutro Natural Choice for Indoor Kittens. I've cat sit for older cats...but not kittens. Any other advice on "kitty parenting" would be helpful. TIA
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Congrats on your new kitten! There are really two issues at play here.

First, the quality of the food you feed your kitten. There is no clear cut answers. My understanding is that Natural Choice is a decent food. Not the best out there, but better than A LOT of other brands. You can read about the foods people choose to feed their cats at this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=137404

The second, and probably more important, issue here, is the age of the kitten. 6 weeks is really too young for a kitten to be away from it's mother. Most kittens start experimenting with their mom's solid food at 6 weeks but are not fully weaned. I'm not sure of the situation, but if it is possible for you to wait AT LEAST 2 weeks (I know it's hard, but 8 weeks is the minimum a kitten should be take away from it's mother....10-12 weeks is better) to get your kitten, it is probably best.

Folks with more experience can help me out here, but I think a 6 week old kitten should be getting wet food mixed with some KMR (kitten formula) for the first little while. Likely every few hours. You can keep the dry out for him/her, but I don't know that they'll be eating enough of that to eat it exclusively.
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Thanks for your advice. The kitten and her siblings are being fostered and had to be bottled fed which I had the pleasure of assisting They already have started to eat some wet and dry food...so they are on their way....They're really growing fast and are starting to get feisty...soooo cute.
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Excellent! That's what I meant when I said I didn't know the situation. Unfortunately, too many people give babies away too early simply because they don't know better!

Have fun with your little one when he/she arrives!
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I would suggest the regular natural choice kitten ...
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With a baby that young, you may want to try Royal Canin Babycat. The peices are really small, easy to chew for a young baby. I have my kittens on it and they are healthy, have soft shiny coats, and small, low-smelling poops.
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