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Guess what my FH just bought me!!

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So, My parents have this french grill pan thing that they got from one of my dads family members 20 years ago, its still going strong and soo delicious when you cook stuff on it. I had been looking for a while but never found one except for the tefflon stuff, and to be honest although they are good i have lots of metal utensils and am so afraid of ruining it, i bough a pan not too long ago and unfortunately my mum and FH scratched it!

Anyway! on Saturday we were browsing around the kitchen store, we were bored and wanted to get some ideas for our next kitchen I SAW THE PAN!!!!! but not only that it came with a french oven and another gratin pan. You can cook it on the stove and then stick it in the oven and even remove the metal parts for when you put the stuff in the oven. Its all made in France and the best thing was it was reduced from 220 down to 99 euros! So as we said we were tight on budget, FH called his mum and sister to find out they are much more pricy over there so WE BOUGHT IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My only thing is, what do i cook in the french oven!?

Recipe pleaseeeeeee!!!

Here are some pics from google of what we got

http://images.surlatable.com/surlata...l/161414v1.jpg I just have the small top one


and exactly this one too scroll down to square grill

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What does "FH" stand for?
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*guessing* future husband?
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Originally Posted by mom2raven View Post
*guessing* future husband?
Yup correct!

Anyway it is cast iron yey!
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Ooh, nice!! No idea for recipes though, maybe some sort of casserole?
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I have a cast iron pan like the square one you have and a large kettle that is the enameled cast iron too. They are expensive here but well worth the money as you know they last forever!!

You got a great deal!!
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