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normal 5 month year old? no rush

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K first off, there is no rush to this, just a matter of me making sure everything is o.k. with the new adopted kitten (besides what I already know is wrong from other post)

So it's been a long time since I've had a kitten around, about a year to two years and even then, little yoda was a bit different, he had been a stray, more or less. I just want to make sure there aren't any things I should be worried about and whatnot.

So the new kitten (I would post a picture if I could) is between 4 to 5 months old. When I first got him I thought he was half siamese and half russian blue, but then more I think about it, his fur doesn't seem thick enough for a russian blue. I do know he has alot of siamese in him and his sister looked every inch of it. He is a soild gray cat (with a few rings on his tail which are a bit darker) and I decided to name him Mai Sai.

I have never met a more clam kitten, he sleeps at night, to the point where if I pick him up, he purrs and lays down and sleep in my arms or anywhere I set him down, and in the day time he just follows me. Sometimes he will play with toys but honestly, not at all as much as I thought. Is that normal?

If I leave the room at night (when I make him stay in my room with the food, water and little box) he will cry a bit when I come in, for what seems like no reason? and after Ive petted him a bit, he goes back to laying/sleeping. Any idea why he is crying?

He has had one hair ball the first night we had him, and he threw up a tiny bit tonight, but aside from that, he has used his little box wonderfully, I only had to set him in it twice before he understood. There has been a bit of issues (alright so I freaked out, I admit it) when he had a bit of blood in his stool and his stool has been very loose, but I'm taking him in on tuseday, he will be checked up (and I'm going to get him to deworm him) and fixed. Is there anything I should do for when he comes home?

We have two cats here now, but as evil as it sounds, I dont want him to be best friends with them, I want him to not be killed by them of course, but the reason I have to leave the two I have now is that they are just to close that I couldn't break them up to take just one. One of them, the older one, while not his best friend, doesn't seem to mind to much, they even touched noses before he hissed and walked away. But the other one, the younger one that I we took in, really dislikes him. This kitten is a scared cat anyways and a part of me had hoped that a younger cat would help him, but so far he just hises and growls and hides. Will I be safe leaving him out in the house in the day time while I'm at school? all three cats would be out...but I hate leaving him locked in one room, he hates being left along there....

The last question is, is it normal for kitten's this age (who had not been left to die on the streets) to be so....fearless? we have a black lab (sweet dog, would never hurt the cats) and this kitten went right up, touched her nose and then rubbed up agaisnt her. He's not afraid of loud noises (my stepfather was drilling 4 feet away from him today, he was all but asleep) I don't think I've ever seen him afraid....

Sorry for the long post, like I said, not a big deal, I just can't sleep and it's on my mind
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the crying - probably just protesting your leaving w/o allowing him to 'tag along'. the cat-cat interaction sounds normal to me - it takes them a while, sometimes.
i also wouldn't want to leave him alone in a room all day by himself, since he's a kitten...altho, being at home summers w/mine, i can tell you they sleep a great deal of the time
last, the 'fearlessness' - that's probably a combo of purrsonality & ignorance of possible danger. some cats are braver than others - Java ALWAYS wants to meet any people who come here - she's a real social butterfly. Chip & Cable may make an appearance - just kinda seems to depend on their moods. but they always wait a while, maybe to make sure the visitors are safe? Pixel NEVER comes out to meet ANYONE - she's a real scaredy cat! Firefox has only been here a year, now - haven't had but a couple of visitors, but she's a bit cautious, like Chip & Cable. Mouse was very much that way, too.
but if you came to my house - Java would greet you at the door, requesting [ demanding!] attention... & you never know i had a black & white kitty.
i'm not sleepy, either!
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Cats have their own dispositions like people do. Some are extroverted and some are introverted.
My cats all talk at different times because of their different personalities. Seldon sometimes meows loudly and if I call out to him he comes running then he stops. Cleo is quieter but he will do this chirpy meow when he sees me and will scratch on any door that is closed if I am in the room.
My kittens love to play with each other more than an individual toy.
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