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sedating a feral??

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I took one half stray, half feral to be spayed on Friday. I was able to get her in the pet taxi with only minor injuries.......to myself. She is doing well. She is big buds with another female. This one is wild and will not let you touch her. Rather than setting a trap, I was wondering if there was a way to sedate her so I could get her to the vet to be spayed?
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Been there, done that. It is much easier to do the trap. Easier on the cat, that is.

You might feel better thinking you sedated the kitty, but it will not enable you to catch kitty, and you will risk hurting it if it gets away sedated.

Just do the trap. Let the cat get hungry and set the trap.

Once the cat is in the trap, cover it with a dark-ish cloth and talk softly to it. The cat will calm down once the trap is covered.

Don't let any thrashing or anything like that get to you. It is hard, but you are a hero for doing this. Just remember there are so many people who do this, and if there were risk to injuring the cat, people would not be trapping.

Good luck!!
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When she goes to be spayed the vet tech in the OR will give her an injection to knock her out so that she can be "trussed" for surgery. With a feral cat that's most easily done when the cat is in a trap--the tech uses a metal cage separator (looks like a big fork with a short handle) to pin the cat inside the trap and then injects it. Within a few minutes the cat is out cold--normally. I've known of cases where they just got groggy and had to be held down and gassed--"'Fraidy-Cat Bob", our massive red tabby, was one such cat.

Once the surgery is over and the cat begins to come to it goes back in the trap and can safely be recovered there for a day or two--the separator allows the trap to be opened and food and water to be put in without the cat escaping. And releasing the cat is as easy as opening the trap where it was captured and stepping away....
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