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Need help with kitten with broken paws!

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Today my stupid brother slammed the cat in the door when going outside, at first we thought it might of been its head or neck, but thankfully it was only her paws..but now she has two fractured paws in entirely too long/heavy casts and will not stop crying and trying to move around. The vet told us that she needs to stay down and not move around, but its just not happening. Even after the pain medicine she doesnt sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time and wakes up trying to thrash around..is there anyway to keep her so she doesnt move around and hurt herself worse?

I have no idea how this is going to work out as my mom will have to go to work tomorrow and if someones not constantly keeping her hind legs contained she flips around trying to get free, we've wrapped a towel around them to try and keep her from doing this, but after a few kick sesssions she is free again and ends up flipping over if not held down. This is horrible..any help?
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she needs to be confined - either in a carrier [altho that's not best] or a small crate/cage. something just large enough for her & her litter box is what i'm thinking...
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Yeah, but theres no way she can even use a litterbox, the casts stick out a good 2 inches past her paws, but we havent let her tried to walk or anything. Do you think she would know her own limits on to what she can do if we put her in a carrier since we dont have a cage, dont want to pack her in there to the point she cant move at all, but she's just going frantic and dont think she should be trying to move anywhere.
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front or rear paws, btw?
you'll need to diaper her if she can't use a box. there's a video on how to create a cat diaper from a baby diaper here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnVCtifcAnc
she won't like the carrier, but if you place it in a dark room, + the pain meds, she may very well sleep. she certainly wouldn't be able to harm herself if she's confined like that.
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Front ones. Haha a cat diaper, guess if we can find a diaper will have to try that, right now we layed her with her brother and sister and she's been asleep for 20 minutes or so..the longest yet since she's been home. Still another 3 and a half hours until she can take the medicine again though. Hopefully she will stay out for a little bit. Ooops, spoke too soon..back up and crying. Ugh this is horrible for all of us.
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it's really well demonstrated in the video - & he also suggests which size diaper to get.
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I would recommend getting a crate or a large box for her with sides high enough that she can't jump over. Even a large dog crate would probably work.
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