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Momma coon attacked me, Macey & Coco! Legitmately, though, her babies were in the yard & Coco was after one.

But still, ever been charged by a mad mother coon? I think I need clean pants!


post #2 of 9 scary, Awww but that baby
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! Yikes!!! What a cuuute baby though!
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Eeep! She didn't get any of you, did she?
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No I run fast. Was on the phone with sharky, though, I can only imagine what it was like to be on the other end of me freaking out like that.
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Glad Mamma didnt get any any of you! Can you blame her, look at that little cutie!
Very sad story, My best friend used to work at a bar that had a momma racoon a her 3 kits and also a momma feral cat and her 2 kittens that all lived in the woods behind the bar, but became part of the "family" geting treats and real food as well. Till one night. One drunk woman tried to pick up one of the racoon kits and it bit her, and so did its mom. Animal contol was called and they not only captured and killed them, but the cat family as well.
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That sure is some cute coon kit! (But then they are!) Glad Momma didn't manage to do any damage -- that would not have been pretty!
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Glad you're ok! We have a resident raccoon, but it minds its own business most of the time. He likes the apartments' giant open dumpster and occasionally steals my suet.
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Mom took off & left this baby laying in the yard. I kept checking on it, hoping it would go away. I finally just left it's gone this AM, and I do wonder where.
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