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One freakout I won't forget!

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So I was cleaning the kitchen, preparing to cook dinner and I had the dishwasher door down while I was doing it. All of a sudden, Angel comes flying in at the speed of light, rams straight under the dishwasher door and promptly bangs into the dishwasher itself and then scrambles out to the dining room and to the living room. I call out to DH to help me round her up because she's bushed out as can be, won't come near any of us and is unusually silent for her talkative nature. It takes her a while before she calms down in DH's arms but she's still a bit skittish. Last I saw her before that little event, she was laying on my office chair by my laptop. DH thinks Tiger might have spooked her but she never gets spooked by him! I still don't know what exactly happened!

So, anyone else have any kitty freakouts that you'll never forget?
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Oh my....yes! When we brought Big Blue home, he was just a kitten, we figured introducing him to Babycakes would be a breeze, since we had just sold a litter of her kits....WRONG! We had to keep him in a closed room for the longest....and just when we thought it was safe to leave them alone together she jumped him, and quite literally scared the poo out of him.........needless to say, she let him go real quick, lol! Funnier now than then, 'cuz I had to wash the poo off of both of them!
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The freak out I will never forget was both Shark and Arwen being introduced to the laser pointer as kittens....they both went absolutely crazy for ages! And calming them down afterwards was a job and a half....
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Simba's last two vet visits!! Both times, he had diarrhea all over the place, growled, and needed to be subdued with towels and fishnets. I was in tears! The last time, he was heavily sedated but still had the adrenaline to jump up and bite the vet in the arm. So the vet "banned" him, saying that since he is an indoor cat, he will be okay without shots. So it's been probably nine years or so since he's been to the vet, and fortunately he's been very healthy. It's funny, before these last two visits, I was able to take him to a vet, and Simba would be a little scared, but he didn't go berserk like he did the last two times. I guess he got cranky as he aged!!
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Mary one time ran into the room, chirped, did a couple of laps around the room and then ran out. We have no idea why she did it and she never did it again.
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ReeRee freaks out all the time.

His usually slender tail gets all bushy and he looks wild eyed. He likes to run around for no reason looking wild and meowing loudly. He certainly knows how to entertain himself!!
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Well, this is kind-of more of a human freak out, but the cat caused it. Tubee was at my mothers house once when he was a kitten and he had no clue what a glass door was. So he ran head first into the glass door. Then he walked away batting at the air like there were birds around his head! He stopped shortly afterward and acted normal, but we got a good scare that day.

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Bella freaked out just recently.

I finally found out why - she saw me pick up the outside cat, and take him upstairs. When I tried to pick her up, she literally SCREAMED bloody murder and was scratching and hissing and clawing - it made ME freak out of course, because she'd never done such a thing. I'll honestly NEVER forget that freak out. Needless to say, I don't pick up the other cat in front of her anymore... in fact, I don't even touch him. lol
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Oh yes & I still have a scar on my arm from this one.

Isaac was about 7 months old. I was in the bath with my bowl of crackers sitting on the side of the tub. Isaac same on the side of the tub & went to stick his nose in my bowl. I gently put my hand on his side to stop him from eating my food. Well it must have really startled him because he jumped about a foot in the air. Landed on me. The water flipped him out more, so he pushed off very hard & jumped to the toilet. Well the toliet seat cover flipped him out even more, so he jumped off of there & tore out of the room. I sat for a moment & thought, that hurt, & then started laughing hysterically. I realized it was the kind of thing you only see in a movie.

The damage: well my arm had a huge deep scratch, there was a matching scrach on my leg. Only my arm is still scared (Isaac is now 4). The toilet seat did not fair as well. He pushed off so hard that he completely broke off the handle that holds the seat to the toilet.

The lesson: Never touch Isaac when he doesn't realize your going to touch him.
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