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New cat, meet Old cat

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Hi everyone,

First-time poster, long-time reader. I was hoping to get some input from the well-informed committee as a whole here.

Today, I brought home New Cat. He's now the housemate of Old Cat. New Cat is a 2-year-old male, Old Cat is a 4-year-old female.

Here's some background:

I adopted Old Cat two years ago. She was feral and had kittens. She hated everyone and everything, people and cats included. I liked her, though. She had personality. But she's a changed cat these days. She's a lap cat and exceedingly friendly toward strangers. It's funny what a permanent, loving home can do.

Recently, I've been traveling more for work, sometimes for a day or three at a time. I live alone. I always have someone come to check on Old Cat, play with her, feed her, etc. But I started seeing signs she was bored. I felt bad, like I was neglecting her.

So, I thought maybe her personality change might allow her to not only accept but befriend New Cat. I adopted him from the same clinic as Old Cat. The adoption people were familiar with both animals, so they suggested New Cat based on his personality -- friendly and assertive, but not necessarily aggressive. He's been with other cats before, too.

New Cat came home today. Of course, Old Cat already is making a fuss. She can smell New Cat all over me, a turn of events she greets with a hiss, growl and an annoyed march in the other direction. I'm sure this will continue for a few days.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any advice they can pass along that might help make this transition easier. For now, New Cat is in his own room. He's already looking pretty comfortable there. I was told to let him hang out there for a week or so before making any introductions. During that time, I plan to switch their beds a few times, so they can sniff at each other. I'll also allow them to switch rooms at some point, too.

Anything else?

Thanks in advance, everyone.
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Heh, Old Cat sounds like she is being a bit a of a pill at the intro of New Cat, and no doubt will be, she is used to having you all to herself after all, how dare this new being set four footies into her turf! The nerve! And YOU, bringing him there, well harumpf! Give her time, she will adjust to his scent, put something that smells like him under her food dish to asociate him with good stuff. Give her lots of love and reassurance that she is still much loved, that this is a new bud and not a replacement. She will get it and in no time I bet they will be best friends.
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So, 12 hours after New Cat arrived, Old Cat continues to hiss at me whenever she catches a whiff of her new "friend" on my clothes. She generally appears to be in a bad mood, I guess would be the best way to describe it.

I realize this is going to take time and patience. I just want to be sure there's nothing unusual about Old Cat's behavior at this point.
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Put something like a towel with his scent on it under her food dish. Leave treats for her there as well when you come around smelling like him. She will begin to associate his smell with snacks.

ETA: 12 hours is a very short amout of time, she is behaving quite normal.
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Nope, that's par for the course. Her territory's been invaded and she's into defense mode. Just give it time. Lots of time, maybe; they are both adults after all.
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