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I saw the most horrific thing :(

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I went downtown to the library today and when I got off the bus and had crossed the street I heard a loud "thunk" behind me. I stopped and turned around and there was a young girl with a large buggy type stroller that had tipped over front first.

It looked something like the one in this picture.

It is top heavy anyway by design, but she had a bunch bags and a purse strapped to the top of it making it even more top heavy.

The stroller tipped over completely frontwards and the little boy's forehead smashed into the concrete.

I ran back and helped her pick up the stroller and I wanted to look at his head because he smacked it pretty hard. She wouldn't let me, even after I told her that I was a nurse and showed her my nursing license.

There were no visible cuts on the boy's forehead, but he did have one whopper of a goose egg appearing. Amazingly enough the kid wasn't screaming.

The only thing I could tell her was to put some ice on his forehead and to keep an eye on him and to pay attention to if he gets sleepy and to not let him fall asleep. And if he does to wake him up to make sure he can still be roused. I also told her to make sure his pupils react to light normally.

Nothing more I could do seeing she wouldn't let me check his head. I just hope he's going to be ok.
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Oh that would have been horrible to see. I wonder why she didn't let you look at his head...especially if you had ID
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I would have freaked out, I hate when kids get hurt But If I were her I would have had you look at the babies head
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That's aweful I hope the kiddo is going to be alright. I wish the woman would have let you look at the little ones head, i hope he winds up being alright. At least you tried to help though!
Those strollers aren't made to be weighed down like that at the top- i hope she learns her lesson from this and doesn't do that anymore.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
i hope she learns her lesson from this and doesn't do that anymore.
I somehow doubt it. She was pretty reckless with that stroller. All our sidewalks are wheelchair accessible. Now that doesn't mean it's perfectly flat where the curb jonis the street, but the sidewalk is only about 1/4 inch high there. Enough to wheel over, but not without taking some care. She was charging full speed ahead without a care in the world and instead of approaching the curb with some caution, she ran right into it.

As I was approaching the library I saw her running down the sidewalk pushing the stroller and not giving a care to her surroundings, and that was right after her kid smacked his head on the sidewalk. If that didn't wake her up, nothing will.
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some people are just not meant to be parents.
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That is so scary! The poor kid, how awful. It seems many baby products are recalled, sounds like that stroller needs to be added to the list.
I have yet to see a baby or child get hurt, but I always tense up when I see parents letting their young child act wild in the cart at the grocery, most of all on the part they are suppose to be sitting in, I am worried they will fall out since the parent isn't paying any attention while the kid is "playing".
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A lot of people put bags and stuff on their strollers these days. That is not what they are made for. I hate seeing kids get hurt.

I saw the worst thing yesterday. I was sitting in the hospital and all of the sudden a bunch of people run in and one lady yells "we need to see a doctor" and they were all crying and freaking out. When they brought the boy in, his leg had been split right open diagonally pretty much from his knee to his ankle. It was horrible. I wouldn't be surprised if that kid doesn't have a leg anymore after that. I heard them talking and he is 8 years old and he was just playing around. I live near a lot of farms, and more than likely the kid was playing with some kind of farm equipment.
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Originally Posted by catlover19 View Post
A lot of people put bags and stuff on their strollers these days. That is not what they are made for.
My friend learned this the expensive way, fortunately without her kids getting hurt. She has a double (one in front of the other) stroller for her twins and they were on vacation. She and her husband take pictures semi-professionally and they have a camera that's worth about $1000. She set it on top of the umbrella part of the stroller, then one of her kids reached up and pushed the umbrella back....*crash* went the camera. The camera body was fine, but it was about $500 to replace the lens.
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I think that the stupid woman should have let you look at him - especially as you showed her ID - he could have fractured his skull. At least you tried to help
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I would venture to guess that she was more embarrassed for herself than concerned about her baby, which would account for her reaction... as another poster suggested... not everyone is cut out for parenthood.
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