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Men and shopping!

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I swear, they can just not deal with it!

I bought a cute little sundress about a week and a half ago, which is totally different for me. I've never been much of a girly girl when it came to clothing. But I've been feeling like trying something different, and knew Rob would probably like it/think it was cute. Sure enough, he loved it. He kept calling it my cute dress and that I should shop and get some more. He even tried describing one to me that he thought would look cute, so I told him we'd go to the store and he'd show me what he was talking about.

So I waited all week to go to the store with him. I wanted to go yesterday, but he went to work for a couple hours, and by the time he got home we had to run a few errands before meeting someone 3 hours away for car stuff then didn't get back until after 10pm. So this morning he told me since I was "good" (haha, not quite sure what I was so good about this weekend ... I guess no real complaining ) we would go shopping first, then he would go drop a car and the stuff we got yesterday off at his boss's shop about 20 miles away.

We got to the store and looked around for the junior's section dresses. Found them after about 5 minutes of circling around - they were tucked in the middle of the ladies section, not the juniors section. I started to sift through some of them, and then told him to see if there was anything he had in mind. He got irritated and said how he hates shopping and hates picking out clothes! So why are we there then, I'm wondering? He was okay with it until we got there

So I told him we might as well just leave, since trying on clothes with him all angry about being there didn't make much sense to me. He'd just say everything looked alright so we'd get out of there faster. Oy. That's what I was looking forward to this weekend, too. So now I'm home, and he just up and took off to that other shop without letting me know he was leaving or anything. He actually hasn't said a word to me since we left the store

I was thinking maybe I'll just get in the car and go myself. I want to shop darn it, and that's not something I want to do often! (I'm not a big shopper - it tires me out But I've got $100 in my purse and had a mission!)
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I'm with your husband on this one! I hate shopping! Especially shopping for clothes.

My friends know better than to invite me to go "shopping" because when I am in a store I'm on a mission. Get what I want, and get out ASAP, and I've actually been known to call customer service ahead of time and have things put back there for me to pick up and pay for!
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I don't like shopping much either. I only get the urge once every few months. The only reason I bought the sundress was because I had to get my engagement ring cleaned at Kay's (every 6 mos it has to be cleaned for the warranty to remain valid). I happened to see the dress on my way back to the car in the store window. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have even ventured into another store

I grew out of shopping in HS! If I go to the store for groceries I want to be in and out in as small amount of time as possible. I planned on shopping quick today when we were out - I haven't been clothes shopping in awhile. Maybe February or so, and DH went then without complaint! This time I was actually looking for something he said he wanted me to buy!

I figure as soon as I leave the house, he'll come back from the other shop. It's already 3:30 and I'm losing the oomph to want to even drive back to the store It's only 8 miles from here but still.

I also have to stop by the library and drop off two books I'm done reading. I'd asked if he'd just drive up to the book return so I could drop them in, but he said he didn't want to (I dont know if he was just being funny, since I know he doesn't like actually walking around the library either - he usually gets stuck doing it though because we carpool during the week).
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Cool. Im not the only one who doesn't enjoy shopping. I don't know what it is. When I was younger, I used to go to the mall with my mom at least once a week, and now... I've no interest.

My favorite places to shop would be the petstores like Petsmart and the grocery store... because that's where all the food is. Sometimes I'll hit Kohl's for some clothes, but that's about it.
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I love shopping, FH hates it, when we are in a mall he will drag me away from stores, the only time i saw him excited was in Paris, there was this beautiful dress on this shop window!
He has excellent clothes tastes for me, he just doesn't like going every weekend.
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Men don't 'shop'. They buy.

I much prefer that method.
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Now that I don't have an office type job anymore there are lots of clothes in stores I like but where would I wear them?? I still have most of my business casual clothes.
Now don't get me started on shoes though......
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I hate shopping, but have been trying for a little softer look lately, and it is such a chore, I am sticking with my jeans, mostly black t-shirts, and Docs of some kind. Sandals for summer, boots for winter. DH loves it that I bought a few dresses and skirts for when I was working, so I'll still wear them sometimes.
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John is the opposite, he loves to go shopping and it doesn't matter what we're shopping for. I have to drag him out of the store sometimes. I personally hate it with a passion and only shop when absolutely necessary.
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And I thought I was the only female in the world that hates shopping. Its nice to know I am not alone. I take my list, I plot my path and run and grab. If I get 75% of what I set out to do, I call that successful.
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I used to love to shop but now it seems that I order things on-line. I do go to second-hand stores because I just love to look at what others don't want or need.
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That is a funny story Men, they can be so different yet so alike!
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