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Whoooops! That was kinda BIG!! But it really shows off the peridot color of her eyes (peridot is my birthstone). I got her as my first little kitten when I was a little girl and y'all can read more about her if you go to the cat pages link of TCS and her page number is #661.
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How old is Samantha??
She is just beautiful...what's her personality like??
I am curious because my Nomar is so nosy about everything...LOL
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That's such a beautiful picture of her! I love her eyes. I love all cats eyes!!! :laughing2: Aren't they so intriguing!??

Love &
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Well, I'm fifteen and I got her when I was around seven, so she's about seven and a half years old. Wow! I was thinkin she was still a kitten. Oh well, cats live long lives in my household. Minou, the tabby my parents had since they lived in california, lived to be nineteen - she died when I was nine years old - but I already had Samantha and Blacky at that time. Again, thanks for all of y'all's compliments! 'Manthy's been getting a big head!
But her purrrsonality is soooo sweet! She always licks me and sits right almost on my neck nuzzling me. She's nice to Blacky too. Whenever he comes by she rubs noses with him.
She loves going outside too, and is quite a mouser. (don't worry, we have a big yard and the cars on the street rarely exceed 10 mph - she never crosses it and we always make sure she has food and water and she always comes in for the night at the very least.) I say this because I don't want anyone to think I'm an irresponible pet owner for letting my cats out. We make sure everything is very safe, or they don't go out. c ya
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Cleo, the cat in the first picture of this thread looks almost exactly like Jake, except that he has a white patch in between the eyes and going down the nose and onto the neck
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Cleo, The picture of the first cat that is looking in the fridge looks like Jake. When I send my pictures, you will see. I can't belive there are more cats that look like that.
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