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HUmmm, did I get it right this time??
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"Hey...anybody got a spoon?"

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If only I could get the chair up here I could get the strings!!
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TIME OUT..TIME OUT..Mom is going to take a picture
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Sandie!!! That is so funny!!!!!! :laughing: I loved that last pic!!! :LOL:

Love &
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Thank you Catarina...One can never have too many compliments on their babies pictures.
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That is hysterical!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

I am determined to get a digital camera soon. My next overtime maybe.
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Adorable pics Sandie!

I heard mewing in my room the other day...this is what I found in my closet!:laughing: :laughing:

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I have what I think is the cutest picture in teh world, and I'm learning how to post it right now.
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hey all! ok, I think I may have figured this out. this is not the pic I was looking for, because I am technology illiterate and can't work a digital camera. but I did take some of the same shot o my camera too, so once I've had them developed, I'll post it too.
here goes nothing...
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Well hurry up Michelle...ya have me all anxious now!

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ok, I can't do it. I can not do this for the life of me. help!
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Michelle....don't feel bad, I have no clue how to do it either...but I'm sure someone who does will let you e-mail it to them and post it here for you....I know that stuff is beyond me!!

Sandie!Loved the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too cute!

Cleo...your pic just cracked me up...looks like he was a little "hung" up....heh heh.
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Originally posted by Billie
Hey, hey,hey I did it!!!!!
Now you can expect some pics of my own precious little baby.
This is not him though but I could not resist posting it
Billie, is that your cat in the photo? That is a cute picture! I've never seen anything quite like it before!
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"Hey Fido..."

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I'm asking, on behalf of Michelle (but without her permission), if anyone can help her with the image-posting difficulties she's encountering. Is there an explanatory thread somewhere to which she can refer?

Thank you!

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I am not sure where the thread is at this point. If you want to put a picture on the site that is stored in the computer...when you hit the reply button, scroll to the bottom and there's a space that sais browse. Just hit it and go grab the picture off the computer. Just make sure it is not huge in size. Then submit the reply.
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Here's one of our newest addition Titus.
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all the pictures I could find were huge, is there a way to make them smaller? I think other than that, I could do it. my pics are just very big.
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This is the first time I viewed this Thread....I enjoyed every minute of it..and since this is The Cat Site is was nice seeing some pics of the adorable kitties!!
Cleo your photos were cute, I loved the kitty and the shower. Also the captions added a touch too!! Everyones photos were cute..Love them all!!!
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I've a suggestion: Post your message in the The Cat Site.com Feedback forum. Perhaps there you'll get a helpful response. I don't know how to make images smaller, apart from just trimming them; but, of course, that would cut out too much of the image. There are graphics programs which will make big images smaller, but I don't know where they are nor how they work. If anybody here can help you that way, I wish they'd see your posts and offer to assist. Sorry!


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Hi Michelle :

I'll be glad to offer you a hand in making the image smaller or trimming...whatever you prefer. I know if you just sent it to the cat site; Anne will help you too :...whichever you prefer,
my address is bufbod007@aol.com :angel2:

Love &

By the way, isn't JOE great ! HI JOE!! :angel2:
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Oh Bookkitty!! Titus is so gorgeous!!!! I have a pic here that looks very similar, but yet so different too! You know how it is I'm sure.
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Hello, there! Thank you for the wonderful compliment. You're pretty special too, you know.

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I think Samantha wants out too - but she never says no to posing for the camera!
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Samantha is Beautiful!
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Samantha is a beautiful cat! She looks like one of those paint by number pics...
Especially the markings on her face...
sooooo pretty........
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It's amazing how much alike they look. I know exactly what you mean, even though they look so much alike they are different in so many ways.
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wow! Samantha really is pretty!!!!

And Catarina & Joe...I think you BOTH are pretty special!!

Michelle, I think Catarina can help you! I am sorry I don't know more, to help you myself!!!
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Thanks so much for all the compliments on Samantha!!! She's my baby, so I'll show her off again with this pic!
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