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how precious!!!!!

not "funny" but very "cute"
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"Yeah? Whats he gonna do about it?"
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Dear Blue & Cleo...

These pics are a riot!!! I have one of my Kadaffi, I joined this site, desperately looking for someone, anyone to help me. My obvious cries for help were answered within seconds of joining. Kadaffi was with me for 18 1/2 years. MY BOY!! Now what? I had no idea how to help him...I'll never forget Anne, Rene, Donna, Debby, Chuck, Sandie, Terri and a host of others that supported me and Kadaffi. He became their's as well. The love within this site is so strong it just amazes me. Well, enough of that I'll cry and certainly don't want to make you sad...so, here's a really cute pic of him :angel2:when he was about 6 months old! He's with one of his best friends and my angel "Sunny" . Sunny used to sit on Kadaffi and preen his fur!!!! I was so in love with the bond they shared, Kadaffi was quite the diplomat!!!... here ya go:
PS..I had left out a very important person up there too, her name's Hissy

Love &
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"I guess I could go sit outside with the Dog..."

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Oh so tired.
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This is a rescued Newfoundland, whom the kitties just adored to sit on. The focus isn't great, but you can see Gulliver sitting on Quig's back.
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I love cat pictures!!!! They are soo cute!! I'd post some of mine but I don't know how-I am so compute iliterate!
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Hi there!
We all start out that way! I guess Anne will see this or you can
send me your pics and I'll be glad to post 'em for ya! :
My email addy is bufbod007@aol.com

Love &
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My boyfriend when he got home from a weekend in Reno!

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Yeah, it was a lot of work....but it was worth it!!!
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I love all these pics! My son and I rolled laughing!!!:tounge2: :tounge2: Thanks!!
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Is that Tiger Tabby hanging on the shower yours? OMG, I laughed my butt off. How in the world did he ever get up there and down again w/o falling in?
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Dear Bubba's Mom
I looooooove that pic of your kitty all stretched in the middle of the cat! He's so CUTE!!!!

Love &
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Nope, not my kitty...quite the darling tho eh?

None of the pics I've posted here are my girls...yet! Picking up my photos tomorrow...so look out!:LOL:

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These are all so funny! I am glad to see this thread still going even after an extended absence.

I really love the one with the cat drinking from the shower!
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When I posted my pic of this kitty, I had no idea of the size of it!
I think most of you haven't even seen it because it takes a while to download. He's so darn cute and you may have seen him already, he's about 3 postings up from this one...go check him out...he's so adorable

Love &
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I love the typewriter kitten! My beloved departed feline friend Sesheta (mother of Michaela) used to spend lots of time napping and sitting on my typewriter.

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This is the first time I had seen this thread. As a moderator, I get notifications by e-mail of all new threads and posts....but somehow I didn't get any notification of this one....so I am so sorry I missed it!!
I just went through the whole thing and I LOVED it!!! These pictures are adorable!!! I am glad I decided to scan the lounge just to check if there was anything I had missed by e-mail notification. Maybe I better do that more often....I wonder what else I have missed??

Keep posting those hilarious cat pics, Cleo (and everyone else)
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This is a 2 part post, 'cuz I don't know how to post 2 attachments on 1 page

"Hmmm...what shall we have for dinner tonight?"

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"Ooooh, tuna casserole...good choice!"

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Ok, I've tried & tried to get a picture here. What am I doing wrong? How do you do it? I've downloaded it twice, God only knows where it ended up! Please some help.
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hi there! At the end of this body of the text you'll see an empty box the "Browse" next to it...this browser will let you go into your .jpg's or .gif's and decide what you want to upload...go to the file you choose and then click on the pic you want to open...it'll load the directory, path and file name in the empty box for you. that should help ya. If you need anymore help just yell really loud...:laughing: One of us'll hear ya! You'll get it :
Or....if you need to get something from a website to here, just get the name of the file off the web, by going to the site, go to the pic and right click on it. Go to properties, and you'll get the file name...etc....copy, come back here and up on the tool bar you'll see IMG...paste the file name in there and you're good to go
Love &
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Catarina, the typewriter picture was so cute! It reminds me how much my cat loves to meddle when I am on the computer
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Hi Illusion!

I know, I have these cards with the cutest pics and I had no idea he was so big of a pic!!! Took up the whole screen, but it looks so cool! Like a real kitty right there! LOL

I love it when they cuddle up on my computer, but, I have to take
em down and they give me this "Ooooooh, Mom, you woke me up kinda look!!! :LOL:

They're the best!
Love &
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There it goes, you might know it but it's so cute...
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Hey, hey,hey I did it!!!!!
Now you can expect some pics of my own precious little baby.
This is not him though but I could not resist posting it
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Hey this is pretty funny...no, he/she's not mine...my cats have better manners!! :laughing2:

Here ya go, I'm putting this one by my computer!
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All of these pictures are so cute! I can't wait to get my digital camera so I can post pictures of the silly things my cats do!!
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Cagney wanted to post too!

The past week or so she has been sitting like this, ever since I joined this site...I think she's a little jealous of the time I spend here!

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That is the cutest picture!
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