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Help for Scruffy

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Hi, my name is cejay and i need help with a stray cat around my neighbourhood.

He came into the garden today and couldn't walk on one of his front legs his fur looks dirty and has lots of bald patches with scratches all over his face. Dispite him looking very scruffy he didnt seem scared of us and was happy to approach us when we offered him some food, after he troffed the food down he seemed very happy and friendly towards us rolling around on the ground and nuzzling our hands.

We decided to put Scruffy in our cat box and take him to the vets to be treated for his leg and scratches. After going inside to make the call to the vets we came back out to discover he'd managed to get out of the box and had gone. We looked all up the street but was unable to find him!

This is not the first time Scruffy has been in our garden/neighbourhood we would really like to help him get better and hopefully give him a loving stable home with us but dont know if he will come back.

If any one has any tips on how we can get Scruffy to come back and how to handle it next time we would really appreciate it.

Although we already have a 5yr old male cat we just want to give Scruffy the love and stability he so deserves.

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You might want to call your local animal control and see if they have a trap you can borrow - they rarely manage to get out of those. It may take him a while to trust you enough to come back after being put in the carrier.
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I have had a cat escape a trap but I think if you act swiftly you can avoid that. That plus a bungee cord.
Put out some yummy wet food like tuna. It attracts them easily.
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Hi Cejay!
As mentioned a vet or shelter may have a trap you can borrow to catch Scruffy. He may not come back right away after his recent escape from the box, but being a regular visitor to your yard and rather friendly, his belly will get the better of him and he will be back, just give it time. You will have a new friend happy to love you and one more kitty off street safe and sound being loved and spoiled!
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