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After Lee's bad experience...

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We were worried about what might happen when Dottie reported that the infection on her hand was caused by a bite from Sterling.

Two pieces of good news. After taking an antibiotic for a few days, the swelling went down and it's all healed up now.

And we never heard a word from animal control.
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They are usually not as bad when the bite/scratch happens in a home, but because the hotel means that Persi could be a danger to others, they take it more seriously - just like when it happens in a shelter
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I remember years ago that someone told me that if my cat ever bit or scratched me to the point I needed to have medical treatment, and if I said it was my cat that did it, they would come and take my cat and chop her head off in order to test her for rabies.

Ever since I heard that, I've always vowed that I'll tell them that it was a stray in a neighbourhood on the other side of the city from me and tell them that it happened so fast that I didn't get a good description of the cat.

Even knowing now that what I was told is not true, and they just quarantine, I still would never implicate my cats. They are indoor only kitties and aren't around any other animals, so I know there is no possible way that they could have rabies, and I won't put them through the trama of being caged, even if it means my having to get needles.

I'm so glad that they haven't come and taken your baby away
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When my Sister was attacked by Whiskers we showed the Dr. I was so scared they would come and take the cats. She was clawed 40-50 before our Manx stopped it. She attacked Whiskers and pulled her off. We did tell the dr she had never been outside and was indoor only. My Sister has a problem right now. Her Bfs Cat bit her hand nd it looks like it might be infected. I think there is something wrong with the cat because he throws up and cries if you touch his sides.
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Is the boyfriend taking the cat to the vet this afternoon? I hope? And I hope your sister is getting better, or is seeing her doctor very soon as well.
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When a cat at the shelter bit me, I lied to my Dr. and told her it was one of my cats. I knew we would hold that cat that bit me and I knew my cat was up-to-date on his rabies vaccination and was an indoor only cat. My Dr. did ask those questions, but that was it. I have never known Animal Control to be called when someone's own cat bit them. A friends animal or a shelter animal yes, but not an animal in your own home.
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Our neighbors cat bit my husband and he got cat scratch fever from it so he had to go to the doctor. The doctor never asked who's cat did it, nor did they call anyone to report it. I think the only question asked was whether or not the cat was up to date on his rabies vaccination. The neighbor was on vacation (we were watching him) and we shared a vet. We called the vet to verify that Melvin was up to date on his shots so the vet knew about it also. The vet also never reported it.
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