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I can't afford to throw away food.

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Took Pansy to the vet, she agrees with my diagnosis of struvites, but said could be a condition that has something to do with the bladder lining and the cosequine is recommended for that. I will take in a urine sample if Pansy ever cooperates and pees in the no sorb. she suggested that an all wet diet might be beneficial.
So instead of giving the evening meal of around 2 oz. of wet, and around 25 kibbles, I gave 4 oz of wet.WEll, I ended up throwing away almost a whole can of food.
I can't afford that. I am going back to the 2 times a day 2 oz wet, a little dry on the side. in between, if someone wants fed (usually Fang) I will put out a handful of dry.
When you feed all wet, how much at a time? I use 5 and a half ounce cans.
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Why did you throw out the food? Was it because your kitty wouldn't eat what was in her dish?

If I see that my kitty isn't eating all what's in her dish after about 30 minutes...I simple put it back in the can. If she's hungry later...then she'll get more.

It is not financially beneficial to throw out good food.

I don't feel that food left out for 30 or less is ruined....and my cat is as healthy as that proverbial horse!!
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the food was out all night. I thought someone would eat it over night, but they did not. They don't like it out of the fridge either, which is where it was before I put it out since they didn't eat it all at dinner.
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I have 2 cats and feed dry food in the AM and wet food (3oz each) in the PM. I bought a bunch of Nutro Max on sale so Chloe will get a Nutro Max pouch in the afternoon ($0.33) and Matilda will get a Nutro Max can (I think they were only $0.44 each). When Nutro isn't on sale, I buy the 6oz cans of Natural Balance and they each get 1/2 (which is nice because I don't have to deal with leftovers). The 6oz cans are about $1 each so that's $0.50 each per cat per day, which makes it $30 a month for wet food in addition to their dry food. The 6oz Nutro Max cans are pretty cheap and so are the Authority ones, if you split those up between cats you could save $ there.

Some days instead of doing the dry in AM and wet in PM, I feed all-dry 4 days a week and all-wet 3 days a week. (Or 4 days of wet, 3 days of dry). It comes out to be about the same but it's easier with splitting cans and such. If feeding all-dry, Matilda gets 1/2 cup of Natural Balance Ultra for the day split into 2 feedings of 1/4 cup each. 1 cup of the Natural Balance dry food has about 550 calories so she doesn't need a ton of it. Chloe eats 2/3 cup of Wellness Kitten a day (she's 10.5 months old). (Mattie needs about 250 calories a day, Chloe needs about 200). If I feed them their wet food in the PM, they get 1/2 of their daily dry food in the AM. I hope that makes sense...

They make lid covers for cans so you can save leftovers.
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Wow...I wish our cat food was as low cost as yours. I pay at least $2 a can for the 5.5 oz and at least $1.59 for the 3 oz cans of good food...Wellness, etc.

I would throw out food left out at night as well......it's too bad. Can you try feeding them earlier in the evening..so you can see if it's eaten or not. I don't like wasting food either.

If you don't have a lid for the cat food, aluminun foil will work as well.

My kitties don't like the cold food out of the fridge either....so I put in a few drops or so of hot water from the tap. It warms it up and gives them extra fluid....and they eat it up like crazy....apparently the warm water enhances the smell of the food. Even when more than a few drops get in and the food becomes 'soupy', they still eat it up! My one cat is 12 yrs and the other one is 3 months old....so it's not an age issue.

I hope you don't have to throw any more food out....
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My baby-cat does not eat much, also depending on a day, she does not eat certain kind of food either. I usually feed her dry in the morning, wet in the evening but recently started adding more dry as I had to reduce the volume of wet. The problem is, she does not(can not?) finish off even the smallest can(3 oz). I always have to divide it into half(1.5 oz). I bought a lid to save it for a day later. Now my baby-cat is prescribed different kind of wet food(Hill's) which does not come in a smaller can. Again, I bought a lid for that, too.

Other than putting the food back into a can, you can also feed less, see how much they'd eat it, and adjust accordingly, add more if necessary. No point of over-feeding & throwing majority of food away, kwim?
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
When you feed all wet, how much at a time? I use 5 and a half ounce cans.
The maximum I feed Mango at one time is half a 3.3 oz can. He never finishes more than that in one sitting and it'd be a waste to give him more--he'll just leave it to dry up.
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