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PC Kitty

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Lets see all those PC kitties, out there in PC land.

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Very cute picture and kitty!
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That is cute! I like the way Ash is trying to cuddle with your hand, he must be a very affectionate kitty!
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One of Spike..

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Ohhhh he's very cuddley, always wants loads of kisses
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They're such darlings! Love seeing everyone's furbabies...Keep em coming!
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Our cats like the top of the monitor so much that we bought a monitor-top shelf for them to make it more comfy.

Here is Midnight, the computer gargoyle.
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awwww what cute kitties!!!!
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And another of Spike..

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Beautful cat's! All of them.
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This is Tigger, newly changed from stuck-up 'I only cuddle when in bed' cat to adorable, purring, 'I love mommys lap only when she's on the computer and in bed' cat. Sometimes she even gives kisses! But mostly just purrs when she's on my lap. IT ONLY TOOK 6 YEARS!!! lol
She won't even do it for daddy. HA HA

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Here she is waiting for me to sit down so she can sit in my lap. That's my PC kitty!

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Here's Trent doing his best impression of a leopard, gaurding the computer.

And here he is trying to type a post on TCS.

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This is where Asim is found most often, hanging over the keyboard, or putting his paws on the mouse while I'm trying to use it.
Tagies my little black cat will even type from time to time, I kid you not, he will type! Hand pick out letters and space bars with his little paws. He so wants to be like mommy (aka me)

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Too cute everybody! Cats really seem to be drawn to computers and keyboards. My Harry sat on my keyboard a few months ago and broke my hard return and all my arrow keys. Being a student, it's pretty tough to write academic papers without a hard return key!
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Hissy,What a beautful cat!! Racoon cheek's! I love it!
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here's Roxy and Leo PC pics! I have yet to get one of Piper, she always runs before we can, and Leo's pic is when he was a young kitten! Now he covers much more of the screen!

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You all have such beautiful kitties!
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I all of these pictures, what a good idea making this thread , I don't have any pics of my kitties on comp yet

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heheheh That's my rattie Jackie Chan we had put down about 1 month ago .. wasn't he gorgeous, here he was "poised" for a pawwwwfect picture ..
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I love these PC pictures, they make me smile Here is one of Soloman.
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these are fun? any more pc pics out there??? pLease post!!
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