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I saved myself $60.00!

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I have a Texas Instrument desktop adding machine. It's ages old but it still works like a charm. A few months ago when I was changing the paper roll it ripped and I guess some paper got caught inside and I couldn't thread in the new paper roll.

I called to see how much it would cost to get it fixed (not knowing what was required to fix it) and was told probably around $60.00

Well, $60.00 to get an adding machine fixed is not in my budget just now. So I decided to pull out the tiny screwdrivers and take the machine apart.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the whole thing apart. But the upper portion where the paper roll goes separated enough for me to see inside. There was a small piece of paper just sitting there loose. I tipped the machine and the paper fell out. I put the screws back in and threaded in a paper roll.

I can't believe they would have charged me $60.00 to do that same thing. There was no "maintenance" involved: just remove 2 screws and put them back.
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I know, I dont bother taking things back to the store anymore unless its something really severe.
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Good for you! I'm 'way too cheap to have repairmen do anything I could possibly manage on my own. I've disassembled my dryer and fixed it twice, and I even replaced the solenoid inlet valve on my washing machine once! I walked around beaming for days after pulling that one off!
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solenoid inlet valve
I don't even want to know what that might be!
Seriously, good ya for fixing stuff. I'm fairly hands-on myself, but would never tackle anything electrical or plumbing.
Good my DH is so mechanically able. I always use the line on him: "if women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy".
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