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Forest Just Swallowed a String!

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I'm so irritated with DH right now. He was folding some laundry on the floor of the living room, and he had a cotton towel that had a long piece of string (about 10 inches) hanging off of it. He KNOWS that string is irresistible (and potentially deadly) to Forest, but he let him come over and start chewing on it anyway. He figured it was attached to the towel so it was no big deal. Of course, it wasn't attached and Forest got away with it and swallowed it before DH could get his hands on him.

I called the emergency vet, who said to keep an eye on him. I've given him some hairball medicine in hopes of helping it pass. I could use any other advice to help pass the string (and maybe some "pass the string" vibes).
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Maybe some pumpkin would help?

String is worrisome.
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"pass the string" & are headed Forest's way!
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Well...after I posted last night we made another call to a different e-vet. I wasn't feeling all that comfortable with the first one so I called the one where my stepson took Harvey when he was dying. They're farther away, but they're really wonderful. They suggested we bring him in, so we made a midnight run to the emergency vet.

They were wonderful again, and induced vomiting, but the string didn't come must have passed out of his stomach by then. So we've got some special high-fiber food that will, hopefully, help him pass it. I'm keeping a close eye on him until I see it pass.
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Oh no Tari Poor Forest Vibes he passes this string and soon
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Let's hope that the strings passes through without incident. My cat ate some curling ribbon a few years ago. Not a big piece...just an inch or so of it. He chewed it off a Christmas gift. I didn't even know that he did it until I saw it intertwined in his poop......did that give me a wake-up call!!!

Here are some healing wishes for Forest....
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Lots of vibes that he passes the string without a problem!

I used to have a cat that loved to eat string too. If there as so much as 1 inch on an edge of something she would find it and pull and pull and unravel it and eat it. I swear I was at the vets almost every month getting xrays done.
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Oh Tari I know you will be on pins and needles until he passes it. Prayers that he will without any issues at all
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The TCS vibes have worked again and we've got good news!! Tonight Forest threw up the high fiber food from the vet and in it was a big hairball with a wadded up piece of string sticking out of it! I've never been so happy to see cat yak!! Thanks to everyone for their vibes and prayers.

After a couple hundred dollars' worth of emergency vet care and a totally stressed out wife for a day, hopefully DH now gets the message that he's GOT to keep that kind of stuff away from where Forest can get it and it IS a big deal.
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cat yak!! That's great news Tari
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i say let's lynch him for tempting a 'special needs' boy!!!

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Thats great news Tari I am so glad he is ok!
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I saw this last night when I visited TCS and I was worried for you and Forest! I'm so glad he puked for you!

Yay for Forest being okay!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
i say let's lynch him for tempting a 'special needs' boy!!!

I couldn't agree more...that poor kitty has enough challenges without being tempted!
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