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Horrendous hoax

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04-04-2003 01:46:PM
(Tucson, AZ) -- The Red Cross is worried about what they call a "disturbing hoax" going on during the war with Iraq. Apparently families of military members fighting in Iraq are being called by individuals claiming they are from the Red Cross and are giving the families false reports about their loved one, including that they are missing in action. This cruel hoax is being investigated by the Military and the Red Cross in hopes to stop it from terrorizing families of service men and women. The Red Cross wants to tell people they don't make the phone calls to families of fallen or hurt soldiers. United States Military casualty officials are in charge of any kind of correspondence between what happens on the battlefield and home. If you are called by someone claiming to be a member of the Red Cross telling you of your loved ones fate on the battlefield, you are urged to call a military liaison. You can also call a special Red Cross number at 888-309-9679 to report the incident, and they will report the call to authorities.

his was on my local news, today. These people are EVIL!
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What in hell is wrong with some people!!!!! Man,that makes me so mad!!
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More and more I wonder, what is wrong with people? What kind of sick, twisted, satisfaction do they get out of this?

May God bless all the troops.
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There are some sick people out there.. wow.
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I hope everyone who is involved with this terrible hoax is caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!!!!! What a
STUPID thing to do!
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Agh! You don't wanna hear the words that came outta my mouth after reading this

*ANY* person who would do something like this deserves to be severely punished. My Lord. That just ticks me off so-o-o-o-o-o-o bad.
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That's really disgusting. I wonder how they know who to call?
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There was a "Support the Troops" rally in Flagstaff and one man's picture and name appeared, in the local paper. It also mentioned that his nephew was fighting in Iraq and gave the nephew's name. A couple of hours, after the paper hit the streets, the uncle got call, from these sickos. They said, "We're sorry to tell you, Dougie died, two days ago."

Fortunately, Dougie is alive and well but it took the family 24 hours to confirm this.

Its obvious that they're reading newspapers and watching TV, to get people's names.

WHY isn't horsewhipping still legal?
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