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Sniff: Ah, new shoes smell

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I just caught Popsie cramming his nose into one of the socks DH had on yesterday. He was rubbing his face all over it as well. I thought what in the world is that goofball doing. I said something to DH and he said it's probably from his new shoes. Apparently when DH brought the shoes home yesterday and sat them on the floor, Popsie came running up and tried cramming his face in one of the shoes. Does anybody have a cat that reacts this way to new shoes?
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Funny Popsie!

My cats prefer the shoebox. But they will react the same as Popsie with my old shoes.
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My cats prefer shoes and socks that have more of a, um, ripe aroma to them. Are they trying to tell me my feet smell like a dead aniamal?
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My two youngest kits, Shark and Arwen, prefer the shoebox although they fight over who is going to get in it first!
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Yes Rosie!. Infact they don't have to be new. As long as their leather she can't rub her scent on them enough, and anyone who comes to my house get the works because she's practically standing on her head while she rubs her face on their shoes
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Not new shoes, but my cats just love shoes and feet in general!

A couple of years ago Roxy had an obsession for my Right flip-flops. Only the Right ones on every single pair. She would chew them and carry them around the house. So here I was walking around with one good flip flop and one with chew marks all over it! The worst was when I woke up one Saturday morning with Roxy on my stomach chewing my favorite flip flop!(yes, it was the right one!)

Silly Kitties!!!
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