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I got a bum deal

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OK so it's not too bad but I'm still annoyed. I just bought a coffee pot at a garage sale for three dollars. When I got it home I realized the carafe doesn't even go with the coffee maker! The carafe is bigger and it doesn't fit in the maker correctly, the drip doesn't line up with the hole in the lid either. So I'm either going to have to go out and buy a different carafe or just try and make to with what I have. I don't even think the bottom of the maker has a hot plate to keep the coffee warm. I just wish I would have noticed before I left, I would have asked to pay less or not even bought it. Am I making a too big a deal of this or am I right to be annoyed?
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Well the seller should not have sold it with different pieces. Can you go to Goodwill to get a different carafe?? Or take it back to the garage sale. At least you only shelled out $3.
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Oh what a bummer! Same thing happened to me, I bought a box of dishes (china from England) and didnt notice until I got to the car that one of the tea cups was half missing . The box of four serving places was only $5 but still. It is pretty crummy of the person to have sold it with the wrong pieces, maybe they didnt know?
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