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Hoping this is the Right Place to Post This?

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If I am posting this in the wrong place please advise but I need advice quick. I had adopted a Norwegian Forest cat at age 4 from a breeder as a pet. The breeder claimed he was very bonded to her(extremely so) and would have some trouble adjusting but when I go him home it seemed more then that. I've had cats nearly my entire life and never met a cat like this. He hid and hissed and growled. He was not nuetered. It was part of our agreement, that once he was stableized, I would nueter him. I took him to my vet immediately and she recommended returning him because he was dying from a broken heart and missed his previous owner so badly. I agreed but his breeder wanted nothing to do with taking him back. She told me I wasn't giving him a chance and I needed to. We kept in constant touch regarding his condition. Long story short...fast forward 2 months and she suddenly contacts me out of the blue saying she saw the ad I had posted online about rehoming him. She herself told me I was welcome to but she would be no part of it. I chose not to and keep him and try and get him to come around but he never did. Less than 24 hrs later she up and decides she wants him back and promises to give me my money back. We agreed to meet and I drove an hour away with my 3 small children to return the cat. I get there and the breeder accused me of breeding myself(I did not. I had one litter of kittens from my cat that had nothing to do with hers and it was a fluke. I never claimed to be a breeder, nor am I a breeder and kittens were not registered with cfa). So she gets up in my face and calls me a fraud and tells me I was trying to sell my cats kittens on the net(wound up giving them away to a neighbor). Regardless....her cat was NEVER used or intended to be used as anything other then a pet and I am NOT a breeder. She met me under false pretenses, promising money in exchange for the purebred cat and instead took off with both him and the money. Cops said since we had a contract it's not criminal but cival. What do I do now? She's planning on suing me for breech of her contract(not having him nuetered timely and saying I was using him for breeding when I was not and anything else she can find)and reporting me to the cfa(won't hurt me since I'm not registered with them and I'm not a breeder) and calling animal control. I am NOT a cruel person and I wanted to return this cat to her from the get go. What do I do here? TIA.
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i'd be willing to bet she's not going to sue you. why should she - she has your money & her cat back.
sounds like an empty threat to me.
however, if she should sue - do you have copies of the emails/whatever that passed between the 2 of you? also, get a statement from the vet about how the cat should return to the original owner. oh, & print out the threads where you asked us for help in getting him settled in - i vaguely remember you doing that, right?
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This whole story seems a bot fishy to me. If the cat was so bonded to the breeder and she really cared about him she would have neutered him before rehoming him since that would make the whole transition a lot easier for him. To me it doesn't sound like you got a broken hearted cat into you home, but a very scared one.

About the legal issues... I have no idea but I can't see why the breeder would bother to sue you when she's got the cat and the money. Even if she would sue you I bet your vets statement that the best thing for the cat would be to be returned to the breeder would matter quite a lot. Add to that that the breeder first refused to accept him back. I can't see how she could have anything to gain on suing you and it doesn't really feel like she could win in court.
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The B**** and the breeder in me says, sue her first! I do hope that you have kept correspondences (emails, what have you) and records from the vet to prove that you are not in the wrong.

I would check with a civil layer (small claims) and find out what your rights are on this matter.
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Yeah, I think I'd pay a lawyer $50 to write her a letter threatening to sue.
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I agree with everyone above I just want to ad that cat paternity testing is inexpensive. If she claims you used her boy to sire those kittens, then I believe the burden of proof is on her. Tell her to submit the sire's DNA to catgenes.org and you do the same with the kittens. That should hush her up quickly and hopefully get your money back.
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