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New cutie addition

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Well, I have been looking to find Pepper a companion while she is young and I picked up this little guy last week! Aprrox. 8 weeks old (although the vet and I think he a little younger then the people told me) He is such a DOLL , very cuddly/snuggly, very sweet and affectionate. Clean bill of health from the vet (although needs to gain a little weight).

My son got to name him and he named him OMELET lol!!! It actually fits him quite well

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OMG He's SO CUTE What a great name
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He's sooooooooooo cute
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OMG what a CUTIE!! I the name! The only thing is does he like eggs?
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i like Omelet - goes well w/Pepper, too!
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Awww! He's way cute!! Love the name too! hehe
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Awww, what a doll! I know you'll have your hands full, two KITTENS! LoL
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Aw, Omelet!!! I want to eat him all up!
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What a sweet looking kitten! I wish my orange cat had those eyes!
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He is absolutely adorable! Have your two kittens met? Are they getting along?
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