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That mean ole' wasp

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As my tribe don't like cat doors, one disadvantage of their outdoor enclosure is the open window leading to it. It will sometimes let in the occasional flying critter. I heard the cats galloping around the house and knew they were chasing something, but caught up with them just a half second too late. I was just in time to watch Blondie Rumpleteaser thump her paw down on the wasp. Needless to say, the wasp wasn't amused, and responded by stinging her right in the pad of the right front paw.

Poor thing, she's walking on it, even kneading with it, without the slightest sign of any pain. But it looks terrible. It is swollen to almost twice the size of her other front paw. If she starts acting ill, or if the swelling doesn't start going down soon, we're off to the vet. I called Dr Cathy and see said to watch her closely and come straight in if anything changes for the worse.

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Poor Blondie... I hope she will be better soon...
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Oh no, that sweet baby I hope she feels better soon
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Aww the poor baby! I hope her little foot gets better real soon!
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Awww! Poor baby!
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Give her extra cuddles and let us know how she does.
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It's been a few hours, the swelling has gone down, and Blondie is currently in the middle of giving the paw an after dinner wash. It looks as though everything is going to be fine

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Oh My! poor kitty, I'm glad she is better now, what a scare!
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Silly Blondie! I know wasps are fun to chase, but you have to leave them alone!
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Poor sweetie -- glad to see it seems to be settling down.
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Awww, poor Blondie. I know how she feels, I was stung by a wasp the other day myself! Glad to hear she's feeling better now!
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Aw, I bet that didn't feel so good! I am so glad that it's all better, tell her to leave buggies with stingers alone! LOL!
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I'm glad she's better.Stings must not feel the same to them as to us.
My husband had my at the emergency vet at 2am for a kitten he just adored, and the vet said it was a wasp sting. It didn't bother kitty a bit, but my husband was freaking out because his baby looked like he was wearing a catcher's mitt.
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Geez I sure am glad she's not bothered by it. The paw in the first picture looks dreadful! Owell, kitties will be kitties. Let's hope she learns her lesson
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Awww that poor little sweetpea. Im glad shes doing better. Its probably already gone down completely by now.
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and healing for Blondie.
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Awww Poor Blondie! Feel better baby! Never had a cat get stung, but had a dog get stung once and boy did dhe yelp and cry! Gave her some ice cream (after calling the vet of course) and she felt better.
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Here's an experiment you might want to try. The next time you see a wasp around, swat it and kill it. Then take it to Blondie and let her smell it. See if she shies away from it, or anything. Our Truman would back away, squinting his eyes.
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Oh, Blondie. I know how that one feels! I hope she's back to normal in no time.
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