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Another newbie here

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I just thought I'd introduce myself
My name is Laura and I live in Kingman, AZ
with my handsome husband and three
beautiful cats (Thomas, Pug, and Arutha).
I was looking for a place to share my love of cats
and I think I've found it!
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Welcome! I the names you gave your kitties!

Be careful here! You WILL get addicted!
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I should add a little more about my babies.
We got all three through the humane society,and when we got them they all had upper resperatory infectionsand needed medication.

Thomas is a beautiful long haired orange tabby,
and he was the healthiest of the three. I've never had pets before,
so you can imagine I bought every book in the world on cats.

Pug is a snowshoe, and we got him at the same time as Thomas. They are the same age, but while Thomas is always relaxed and content, Pug is as playful as they come! Pug is the friendliest cat I've seen around strangers There's nothing he likes more than a new lap.

Arutha is the baby, and he was VERY sick when we got him. After much medication and attention, he has grown into a lovey, sweet tempered cat. He likes to climb under the covers when I'm in bed and cuddle up to my legs. Our cats are certainly spoiled, but then shouldn't they all be?
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Hi Laura
Welcome to the board! I read your other post too and it sounds like you love your little furballs as much as we love ours! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome and God bless you and your kitty's!
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Hello Laura, I havent been able to get online for some days, and I just wanted to say Hi and welcome, hope you enjoy the site as much as I do.

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They're beautiful. Welcome.
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Welcome to the site Laura! I merged your threads so we can read about you and your babies in one place.
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Welcome to the site! I'm sure you've noticed how addicting this site can be in your short time here. This is a really great place and it is full of great & helpful info!
Just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the boards. Happy posting and hope to chat with you more sometime.
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shell,you spamimg again! :evilalien Just kidding!!!
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hello and welcome!
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Welcome aboard!!! Enjoy your stay...

I love your cats!
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Hi, Laura. I'm new here,too. Hope you have a fun time at TCS!

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