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stray was spayed yesterday....now she's gone

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I had a stray spayed yesterday and now she's gone. I had her spayed to cut down on the kittens and to make life easier for her. She is mostly tame, but does have a wild streak in her. The vet did it with a laser, which is better than using a knife. There is less bleeding and it cuts down on the pain. Anyway, after I brought her home, I left her in the pet taxi for several hours. After she was able to stand up and get around, when I opened the taxi she ran off and I haven't seen her since. This is very unusualy for her not to be around at feeding time and I thought by this morning she would be back.....no such luck. She is strickly an outdoor cat, as she is a bit wild or I would have kept her in the house over night. I did the best I could and thought I was doing the right thing. I'm hoping she is laid up somewhere until she feels like coming home. So, do you guys think it's too early to be worrying? Will she come home? Did I do the right thing? I just feel really bad right now and need a little support. Thanks.
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You absolutely did the right thing! Thank you! She is stressed and confused and more than likely laying low and close to her food source. Keep putting out water and food every day-try to do it on a schedule so she knows when it will appear. The laser surgery is less-invasive so she should be just fine.
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I can only go by what I have read here and at other sites that this is normal behavior for a TNR female. She will no doubt be back when she is feeling a bit better. Just keep putting out the food and water for her.
for a speedy recovery kitty cat!
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I'm sure she doesn't feel good, but if she has found a safe place to hide for a while, she should be OK. On the other hand, you probably won't get her in a trap or a carrier any time soon.
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Spaying her was helping her quality of life by a lot. She is most likely recuperating and a little miffed but she will get over it. Food trumps miffed usually.
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I'm happy to report that she came back home and is doing well. I'm so happy and I now feel I made the right decision. I have two more I plan to have done and that will do it.....I hope. I'm having to pay full price because there are no vets here that will help, so I'll have to wait a bit, but I'm doing the best I can to help them. $150.00 a pop is a good bit of money for me. I just wish people would get their pets spayed and neutered.....such would make things so much easier. I wish states would require pet owners to spay amd neuter. I hear Europe is strick with pet owners. Well, just want to let you know my baby is home!!
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Ah, glad to hear she is back home and doing fine! Keep up the good work!
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Fantastic! She knew where the love was!
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