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Saturday!!! What Are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Raining like crazy here this morning...

Need to be up and out early this morning oh joy...Working with a limited staff this weekend so I need to get everything up and running ..

Not feeling the greatest today, very sore back for some reason.

Kitties are good, just had a small snack and went back to bed, guess they don't like to get up early..
Everyone have a great day
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Morning everyone

Today is T-Storms all day and I have a bridal shower to attend so that should be fun

woo long weekend
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Overcast with scattered T-storms today.

I am going to the TCS Ohio meetup

Then hubby and I are going to tour a friend's film studio while we are down that way.

I figure this is my last kick before getting a cast on my foot and having to use crutches.
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Morning everybody. Hot and sunny here. Don't wanna know how high the temp's going to get today! We're going to the Ordination to the Priesthood of our Church's Curate, then I'm not sure, probably lunch and run a couple of errands.
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Good morning!

Today we're having a family picnic for my parent's 35th wedding anniversary. It sounds like it might rain, so I don't know how well it will go. But we told my parents it was my birthday picnic, so they don't know we're celebrating their anniversary.
It's just too bad my boyfriend couldn't come. I haven't seen him in over 24 hours now!

If I get home early enough, I'll go catch some free outdoor concerts at the Jazz festival tonight

So that's the plan for today!

Now I must take a shower and get ready to leave.

Enjoy your day, everyone!
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The air is finally cleaner today! It has been so smokey due to fires near here. It was awful. Today the on-shore breezes came back.

Going to my salsa class at 1 pm and then to see the A's vs. the Giants in Oakland tonight. Go A's!
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I will probably stay home and catch up on my laundry and cleaning that has been sorely neglected since I was in the hospital for 3 days. I am still trying to catch up on my housework. I still don't know what happened to me, and have lost about 2-3 weeks memory.
I hope everyone that has plans has loads of fun!
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Today I've been off riding (what a surprise ) but didn't enjoy it as much as usual cuz I can't ride Monty any more But I rode Patch and he was ok.
Anyway this afternoon I'm at my nans and then later doing nothing at all.

Have a great day peeps!
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I did all of my laundry last night! I got up early and went to the farmer's market, and then did my grocery shopping. I have to trim the viburnum bushes in the front of the house...other than that little chore, I have absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the weekend. Yay!!!!
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I'm off to a wedding today. After that, I think we are going to relax. I have to work early tomorrow so I kind of want to relax before another long day. I think I'll have 60 hours in for the week if I counted right. At least I get paid for them and it doesn't happen each week. Oh well, have a good day everyone!!
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We had a T storm about 12:45 am last night-bobs and Grizzly were outside and didn't come when I called but came in about 3:15 am (wet too). Slept late-7:15 yay!!!!!
But spread mulch on a couple smaller flower beds and weeded in veg garden for a couple of hours.
Taking a break and on the computer I see we are have a severe Tstorm warning until 7 pm. The weather is mid 70's and breezy/part sunny.
Will work outside later as I still have about 2 yds of mulch left in the trailer but have to weed a couple more beds before I put it down. All my stuff as been weeded at least once now!!
All cats except Bobs are outside-shes napping on the bed.

Enjoy the rest of the day!!
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Picked blackberries this morning, and did some house cleaning. We have a wedding and brides cake to deliver @3:30, so have showered and am waiting for hub to come home and tell me if we're staying for the wedding or not so I will know how to dress......shorts if we're just going to drop it, something a little nicer if we are staying......aaaaaahhhhh!
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Well.. Today I had to get up and come to work early. But when I get out (which is in just a little bit ) I get to go bowling for a firend of our's Batchelor and Batchelorette Party! That will be a lot of fun! I suck at bowling but I really do enjoy it a lot! So... that will be my day! Yay!
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Didn't do much today. Got up and went to breakfast at Panera with my boyfriend. Just a bagel and cream cheese, but there bagels are soo good. Then we went to Walmart. The Nascar race is being held in Loudon this weekend, and it's the weekend I dread living in Concord. There were so many people at the stores, it was horrible. Plus, with the out of staters coming up for the race, some people can be quite obnoxious. We went home, and he left for work at 2:30. I did the elliptical twice, and now I'm just relaxing. And I finished the movie Definitely, Maybe. I liked it; a cute romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin playing his daughter. It was really good.
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I thought it was going to home all day as usual, but we got on the bike for a ride and ended up at a party. Bikes everywhere, a decent ban, very nice staff. I met a girl from our local radio station who is trying to get one of my fave bands, Social Distortion, at the only bar in town that books any kind of shows. ANNNND we won the 50/50 drawing $117. That is going to our moving to Austin fund.
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It's also been pretty cloudy here today as well, but no rain so far!

I met my friend Renae for lunch this afternoon (bubble tea!) and we spent a few hours just talking and hanging out a while. It was nice.

When I came home- Colin had a suprise for me on the counter- a "Furminator" brush for the animals! I was SOOO excited to see it- i spent about an hour brushing all of the animals It works amazingly well!

After that my sister Kimmy and her two boys came over for a few hours and hung out. We made dinner and put a movie on for the boys while my sister and i picked out decorating ideas and stuff online to do for my house. It was pretty fun. They headed out a little while ago, so now it's just me and the furbabies. I'm thinking tonight would be a good night for a Lush bubble bath
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A little late on this one! We drove up to Greenville, SC (well, really a place called Travelers Rest, SC, but it is right in the Greenville metro) to get an engine & transmission for that blue Trans Am we have. Dealt with some crappy fast food employees along the way at a Wendys. Didn't get home until after 10pm, aghhh. So date night is postponed for tonight instead. Gonna grab some Chinese and watch Die Hard 1 (I've never seen any of them, and we bought the 4-pack last week).
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I went grocery shopping because my brother is coming to dinner tomorrow and I spent time cleaning up. I still have to do the vacuuming and wash the floors, but that's it.

Before I get to that though I am going to the library to pick up a book that is there for me.
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