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Dusty not eating after spay

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Dusty and Rusty were spayed yesterday..

I wasn't able to feed them until this morning per the vet's instructions. This morning Rusty ate a small amount of food but Dusty refused to even eat. They both had a pain shot yesterday at the vet and I told them I wanted pain meds to take home if needed. Rusty was not prescribed any meds, but Dusty was. I was given 5 doses (1 per day) of Metacam .2 mL. I gave her a dose this morning before work. DH told me she did eat a couple of treats and took a few bites of wet food, but that is it.

Is it normal for a cat not to want to eat after her spay? I am worried about her.
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Give her until tomorrow sometime. Is she drinking anything? I don't think Phoebe really perked up for about 48 hours. She's 12 yrs now........and doing well.

They have to get over the anesthetic as well. Then there's the pain and discomfort..just keep an eye on her. Try not to worry too much.

My fellows hardly reacted to being neutered....I think they were 'over it' by the time they got home from the Vet....
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she is drinking... just not eating much
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I would never use Metacam oral for my Cats. My vet dosent use it either because it can cause Kidney Failure in Cats. They give mine another pain Meds. Some one in this group lost a Cat to Metacam a few months ago. The shot is ok for one time. My Cats never got pain pills after being fixed and were fine. I hope she will be ok.
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I am not a fan of metacam either. For post-spay, I've used a homeopathic remedy my vet at the time approved, and which I've seen work post c/section even.

I'd offer her some soupy baby food, and really stinky fishy canned food - try to get her eating a bit. Sometimes it's like priming the pump...just get them eating and they will then continue eating.
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Well, she just ate a couple of spoonfuls of Friskies Mariner's Catch canned catfood. And a few treats too. She is more active than this morning, so I will hold off on the Metacort.
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She will be fine without it.
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Yeah, she is just queasy from the spay. My Tiny didn't eat for a day after he came home (so I guess a day and a half after), but I really wasn't worried because he was drinking just fine and the surgery site looked fine too. Turned out I was right; next day he ate a little, day after that, back to his old self. He's male and that's a comparatively slow recovery for males, but then Tiny is easily upset anyway, so I guess his impulse when he's sore is to hide and sleep 'til he feels better.
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Dusty is much better today! I did not give her a dose of the metacort this morning and she does not seem to be in any pain. She is eating a little bit more too. I guess I just overreacted.

She jumped on the bed for loving at 2:30 this morning, so she much be feeling better!
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