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adopting out kittens

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I've posted about the feral cat who gave birth to kittens in my shed. The kittens are about 6 weeks old now, and in my garage for the past few days. I have been fostering them, feeding them and playing with them; they're playing with each other, and like to snuggle up on my lap and purr when I pet them.

The mother was very feral, but we were able to trap her and she's being spayed/vaccinated now. She'll be released to me Monday.

I have someone who wants to adopt the kittens, but I'm wondering at what age it's appropriate to adopt them out? They are really bonding with me, and I wonder if they'll bond the same way with their new family?

Also, is it terrible that the kittens are not with the mother? Will that affect their growth?


Here's a pic:

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If they are away from their mom already, I would say 8 weeks is ok as they should get as much socialisation with their new family as with you.

Don't give them away as 'free to a good home' free kittens are rarely cared for well and I see so many come into the shelter every day. Interview the people and ask for some money to cover the costs you have incurred (food etc)
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8 weeks is a good time to adopt out. You might check with your local shelter or spay/neuter program to see if they have coupons for half off or free s/n. I have found that when people adopt, they tend to take better care if they are connected with local services. One vet gave me litter rates on my 3 kittens for all their shots. They also gave me separate kitten record books for them with discounts for the remaining shots and their spay or neuter when they were old enough to be given to their new parents. Was a great "marriage" for both of us, they got new customers and I got a great deal on shots etc. I ended up keeping one of the babies, but both of the others continue to go to the same vets.
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Where was the cuteness warning! They are so cute!
Are you wanting to keep them?
If you adopt them out please do the fee and interviewing people to make sure they are good people.
I took mine away from their stray mom at 5 and 6 weeks and they are thriving.
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