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Cat vs. Water Bottle...

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vs. Mom vs. Cat

We ran out of water the other day and put the bottle on the floor so we could go fill it up. Belle immediately treated it as a toy (there is a little cap at the bottom of the jug, so maybe she was trying to get that). It was funny, so I decided to take a video. Of course, she wasn't cooperating. And then...she turned on me! She goes off camera, but you can tell from my reaction what happened! Keep in mind that I was wearing sweatpants with long drawstrings and the camera has a nice long string as well! I was just asking for it!


The following video is more what I was trying for, although Delilah wanted to play....so the ADHD kung-fu water bottle show began...


I love when they jump over each other off all 4s! They look like little martial artists!
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That's hilarious! What is it about that water bottle that makes them go nutty around it? I can't see if there's anything inside of it.
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Wow they look exactly like mine! And I think mine are that nuts as well.
Pretty kitties, looks like a lot of fun for them
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LOL! I'm going to be a VJ for a minute:

Video 1: "I am Belle and I am stalking this thing which usually gurgles. It is not doing that now, so I must bat it around to make sure that it is still alive. If it is going to die, then I am going to be the successful huntress that brings it to you. So, go away, Mom! I haven't killed it yet to bring it to you as a present!"

Video 2: Delilah prances into the picture. Delilah: "Belle, what are you doing with my Samson?"
"Who says that it is your Samson, Delilah?"
"Because I am the one that bashes him around. I am going to win, not you. But where is this fur that I should be braiding?

Belle: "He Furless now and I own him. Did you get this all on camera Mom?"
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Oh my gosh that first video is hilarious The 2nd video makes me want to go out and buy the new water bottle toy

Maybe its something about Family Guy that had them so excited

Those babies are so precious. I will have a house full of reheads one day
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I like the interpretations!

There is a tiny little cap the gets pushed into the bottle when we put it on the cooler, so that's at the bottom of the container. I think it's the combination of that and the fact that she can sort of see through the bottle that makes it fun for her. I'm learning that it doesn't take much....everything's a toy to these two!

And...ahh...Family Guy....neither of use actually watch the show...but it is ALWAYS on! We've changed the song to: "It seems today, all you see, is FAMILY GUY on TV!" I'm pretty sure you could find it on some channel for 22 of the 24 hours of the day!
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