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Food Aggressive...

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I know this is gonna sound weird... but its totally true...

So I decided today was gonna be the day I was gonna put the 4 Boys (my Rats, dont worry I did introductions several times before now) into the Big Cage... So I cleaned up Temps Cage and put Alyssa in it and I cleaned up the Big Cage and put the Boys in it... they did good up until Temps found the food.... WHO KNEW A RAT COULD BE FOOD AGGRESSIVE!!!!?
Every time Salt/Pepper went near Temps, Temps would freak out and start fighting them! Ive had Temps since he was young so he was never starved... what would cause Temps to freak out like this!!?
He would squeak when ever I touched him while he had food... but he never attacked me! Im so shocked at his behavior.... and disappointed that I cant put all the Boys together
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Wow, that's too bad. Maybe if you put in several food bowls in different parts of the cage, at least to start with, it would help? Or if you used the bowl he is used to, try one that looks completely different? I've never had that happen, so I'm definitely no expert. I just know my intros into the cage went best if I completely rearranged everything, and changed out anything they were used to as *theirs*, like bowls and hammocks.
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Well thats the thing.. the Bowl he used was at the top of the cage and the bowl they used was at the bottom... he was eating out of theres and starting the fights.
Its just every time they just barely touched him he'd start squeaking then he'd attack them.. its so weird.
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Neuter him? I don't really know what else to suggest. I hope you can figure something out.
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Neutering could help... if he's violently fighting you may have to try re-introducing him, though. If they're a group and he's alone, he'll be the bottom of the rung not the top (for a while anyway).
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