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Good Deeds Do You Good

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I am a very strong advocate for kindness. I always believe that it always “pays†to be kind (inside your heart.) A recent extract from the Reader’s Digest really strikes me, and thus, this posting.

I feel that kindness begets kindness. In a lot of ways, a small gesture from one might go miles for the another at the receiving end.

Hope you enjoy reading the following: :


Good Deeds Do you Good:

Kindness not only makes life sweeter, it may make it longer, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.

Stephanie Brown, Ph.D., asked 423 older couples if they had helped a friend or neighbor just once in the previous year. Five years later, those who had were 50% more likely to outlive those who hadn’t.

“Research has shown that social contact is good for us, but we always assumed the benefit came from being on the receiving end,†says Brown. “It turns out that the benefits may actually be rooted in the contributions we make.â€

We’re not talking about donating a kidney here – simply giving a friend a ride could offer the life-lengthening benefits.

-Extracted from Reader’s Digest, RD Health, Page 182, April 2003

Laughter, The Best Medicine:

I’m on a 60-day diet. So far I’ve lost 45 days.

-Submitted by MINERVA SCHURKE, Reader’s Digest, Page 94, April 2003


Laughter, The Best Medicine:

My wife says I snore too much, but I’ve finally figured out the problem. It only happens on nights when she drinks too much coffee.

-Submitted by ROLLIN IVES, Readers’ Digest, Page 95, April 2003


Laughter, The Best Medicine:

A man opens a roadside stand selling bagels, and puts up a sign: 50 cents a piece. Every morning, a jogger runs past and puts two quarters on the stall, but he never takes a bagel.

One day as the jogger goes by, the bagel salesman falls in next to him. The runner laughs and says, “Let me guess. You want to know why I always put money on the counter and never take a bagel.â€

“No,†the vendor replies. “I want to tell you that the bagels are now a dollar.â€

-Submitted by MARILYN MCDEVITT, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Reader’s Digest, Page 95, April 2003


Have a great day, folks!

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That was great!! When I was young my parents used to get Readers Digest, and it really had alot of good articles in it...I loved the "Laughter is the best medicine" page!
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There is a warm glow that comes with helping other people, isn't there? It's called joy!
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I think good deeds always come back to you. there are two girls i know on another board that hubby's are deployed so i sent them free bracelets as alittle thank you for the hubby's serving the country and alittle pick me up for them. and I just got my little bit kindness back 10 fold by a wonderful person that donated money to help me with my cats what goes around comes around
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