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Another SICK Cat Site - Help!

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Ok guys, I was watching the news the other morning and I saw something about some guy who created this website called Bonsai Kitten. Have any of you visited this site? While I am certain that the site was probably intended as a huge joke, I find it not only offensive, but reprehensible. I have just gotten done writing to the webmaster asking him/her to remove the site immediately. I couldn't even find a disclaimer on there stating that the site is intended only for entertainment purposes and is not real. At any rate, it's not a very funny joke as it entails putting a kitten inside of a small container or glass jar and keeping it there. If anyone here would like to help, I am trying to figure out if there is anything that can be done to stop them, starting with a petition. Does anyone have any suggestions as to who we could/should contact to help??

If you haven't seen it and would like to know what the heck I'm talking about, see for yourself. http://www.bonsaikitten.com/

It's pretty bad. Needless to say, I am furious... The only words I can find to describe the site are ones that I'm too much of a lady to say here!!!! Grrrrr!
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That site is sick. I also wrote to them and asked it to be removed. There are some really sick people in this world.
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I have seen that site and it is very sick. I have been told that it is not real at all and it is a prank of some college group. It is still in my opinion a very sick person who could think up something like that. The thing that worries me is that some other nut out there might take it seriously and try it.

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I just went and checked out Bonsai Kitten...and can only echo your opinions...this is an incredibly warped site! I was torn between anger and nausea as I read. This is obviously someones idea of a joke, a hoax, but it far from amusing!:disturbed
I also wrote to the "webmaster" (freak) and told them how I felt, hope many others do too! (altho they may just thrive on that kind of response, who knows?)
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I agree that perhaps the creators of the site enjoy the attention, even if it's negative. Still I am afraid that the internet has become a complete free-for-all for freaks and sickos. I mean, just look at all of the pornography that can be easily and freely accessed by ANYONE. And then there's stuff like this, to boot. It's quite disturbing in my opinion. Now I'm a very open-minded, liberated girl, but all of this scary stuff makes me wish for simpler times when things like sex were kept more or less private (or at least between adults) and sick stuff like this wasn't readily available. There are others, too - one worse than the next.

Basically, in the e-mail I sent them I said that while their site may be intended as a joke, there are plenty of mentally disturbed people out there who will take it as encouragement to torture and destroy life and that it was highly irresponsible of them as human beings to promote a site that recommends torturing of cats (because that is what it is, really). I also reported them to MIT because that is where the webmaster is from.

If you think that site was bad, you should see this one: http://www.cathater.com/

This kind of stuff truly frightens me. Not only for the future of our beloved pets, but the future of our own species. God forbid our children become so desensitized as to think it is acceptable to kill ANY life. I believe that steps NEED to be taken in order to protect not only our children, but the pets who put their faith, trust, love and LIVES in the hands of humans. How can we truly be the "superior" species if we do not show respect for ALL life? It makes me want to cry!
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The prepatrators of this sick hoax have been found out. The phone number rings to a pay phone in New York and the FBI even had to investigate this because of the public outcry (via email) It was intended to be a joke (sick) and last I heard, the boys were doing community service under supervision at an animal care facility. Plus, there was a substantial fine, which I am sure is under appeal
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I saw this too very recently and I am horrified at the thought of these ( I hesitate to call them people) spreading the BAD words about our precious kitties. I have no idea how to rid the web of these in humane-type sites. But I was looking at this site called AskMe.com, and someone there had reported them also. Perhaps if we all bond together and ask the cat experts on that site( askme.com) for help, they may have more resources, and hopefully, these sites will be banished!
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Good! Human beings in general need to realize the value of all life and treasure it. I believe in Karma, though, so I am certain that they will get theirs. I believe you get back what you give. Give love and get it in return and vice-versa!
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Well I had e-mailed MIT because that is where the webmaster of the Bonsai Kitten site's e-mail goes to and they responded with the following:

From: Jean Greene for MIT Stopit

Your inquiry has been forwarded to MIT Stopit (http://mit.edu/stopit) which deals with cases of misuse of MIT's computer systems. We are writing to acknowledge your recent mail, and to provide current information (as far as we know) about the Internet domain bonsaikitten.com and its accompanying web site ww.bonsaikitten.com.

On December 22, 2000, this domain and web site, which had been operating on the MIT Network, had its network access terminated. Since then, we have learned that the domain and web site have been re-established using commercial Internet and Web Service Providers.

MIT has no affiliation with, or control over, the service offerings or policies at such providers. We kindly ask therefore that you direct all future inquires regarding this domain/web site to the appropriate parties at bonsaikitten.com and/or its new service providers.

Thank you,

\t\t\tThe MIT Stopit Team

At least they were smart enough to dump the site from their server! Good for them... Now if only I could get their current ISP to dump them, too! I'm working on it!

I still think that people like this need to know that there are repercussions to their actions, especially in cases like this where they are literally encouraging torturing animals! I'm on a MISSION, guys!
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3 cheers for you!! I hope we can all keep close tabs on these sites and get them out of there! I'll be praying for you to get the results we all want, make them pay!!
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