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Originally Posted by sandra View Post
What precious piccies of mister Jamie Tricia!! I dont see anything wrong with lead walking a cat... I wish I had done that with my Patches
I've had a lot of experience with leash-training dogs, but Jamie was my first attempt at training a cat. Since then, I've worked with a couple of other cats, and for what it's worth, this has worked for me:
Get a kitten to accept a collar indoors, using play to distract her/him. Do it in small increments at first, i.e., 5 minutes at most.
Switch to a harness after a week or so of the kitten's accepting the collar, again using play as a distraction.
After a week, add a leash, again indoors, gradually spending more time with the kitten "hooked up".
Attach the harness and leash, and carry the kitten outdoors. Sit down on the lawn, with the kitten on your lap, and let him or her explore when that urge comes. This process might take several days.
Your kitten/cat won't "heel", so you'll have to. Make sure you have reading material/a cell phone with you, as you might end up standing in one place for 30 minutes or so while your cat "lurks" in the hope of catching a bird, mouse, butterfly, grasshopper, dragonfly, etc..

You can add excitement by picking up small branches and "running" them past your cat, digging for worms, or blowing catnip bubbles, etc..
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Good advice, Tricia. Jamie looks very handsome in his leash.
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Before we moved in August 2012, I had my Bella on a leash just outside for awhile and I don't see any problem with it. But otherwise, Thunder and Bella are indoor cats. 




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