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Crystals in her bladder & Anxiety!

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I brought my cat to the vet this morning. She has been peeing places she shouldn't. She has also been meowing at the door non stop.

Apparently she has some crystals in her bladder. The vet prescribed some sort of "science blend" dry cat food that I bought, and I also got her some anxiety pills to help calm her down.

Anyone else have this problem with their female cats? Did it go away? Any advice?

I had a male cat, that died from a UTI a couple years ago. It still breaks my heart. I know that UTI's are caused from crystals in the bladder, but are way more common in male cats.

The vet seemed to think she will be fine but I cant help but worry a bit, you know?
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Coco has bladder problems and is on clavamox for it right now. Coco has had bladder problems off and on for almost 2 years. Is the food you got C/D? I had to switch Meds yesterday because Coco kept barfing the liquid Meds. I do not know if anxiety pills are good for your Cat. I have never used them. Did she get a Antibiotic? How old is your Cat?
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Hello, she is 5.
The vet didn't give her any medication for the crystals, just the food. I am not at home to check the exact name but the brand is hills?

The food says that it can be used to treat a large number of health conditions, so maybe there is medication in it?

The anxiety pills are because she gets anxious all the time, wanting into the hallway of our apartment building, and she hates being away from me. Every time I am not home she goes nuts. The vet said she should only need the pills for about a month then she should be ok.

I hope he is right and she didn't need some sort of antibiotics. I just paid 179 and can't afford to go back any time soon!

I want my baby to be ok!
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if it's just crystals, & not a UTI, then the food should work... the ingredients in it dissolve the crystals. she'd only get antibiotics if she had an infection.
there are many brands of urinary diets, tho, that [IMO] are better quality than Science Diet... i know Royal Canin makes one, for example.
sending & that your baby is feeling better soon!
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The food could be C/D what Coco has or S/D that disolves Crystals. I also use Royal Canin Urinary Cans.
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I checked and the food is hills prescription diet c/d milticare. What is c/d exactly?

Also, I just found out that she has peed on my suitcase...any ideas on how to get the smell out?
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Thats the food Coco has. It is to stop the Crystals from forming. I do not know how to get the pee smell out. My Male peed all over and we still smell it and it died in Jan. I have put my Purses and other stuff he peed on in the wash.
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My male cat is spraying around at the moment because of outside cats he sees. He's very territorial. I use Urine Gone spray its very good it takes the stains and odor away. White vinager is also very good.
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I use a safe acidifier for struvite crystals. Both male and female get them, it is easier for the female to pass them, thus not usually a chance of gettin blocked as in a male with a narrow penis to pass them through. the crystals irritate the lining, scar tissue can build up making the opening more narrow etc. Below is the product I use, it is great, works very well, is safe, not adverse affects. also, you must be careful not to over acidify, for example using and acidifier food, and my product. Also, you could purchase some ph sticks to keep track.
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