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Yuki's Outdoor Photoshoot

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Here's Yuki!

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What a sweetie!!
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Oh how adorable!!!
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What a beautiful girl! She definitely has the kitten look to her.

Yuki is a great name, too!

Thanks for sharing your darling, look forward to seeing more pictures of her!
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Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing.
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Well isnt she just a beautiful Yuki girl.
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That pic of her peeking out from the leaves is just stunning. The colors of the leaves with her eyes is breathtaking. Well done!
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Awwww, she's precious Love the peeking one
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She's beautiful!!!!
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Such an adorable girl!

And my Buffy has the exact same collar! (yeah, I find that awesome, lol)
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I keep coming back to this thread. Yuki is such a sweetheart!
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You sure did a great job of taking those pictures.
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Yuki is absolutely adorable
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Those are really cute pictures, you have a very good camera!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Love the peeking one
That's sooo cute! What a pretty little girl you have there
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