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Snow, snow, snow, snow

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Ok - it says it's April, but I don't believe it. We got hit with another 6" of snow last night. We are supposed to get another 4" tonight. Just two weeks ago I was thinking about raking my yard! Then last Friday and Saturday came along - 24" of new snow and it's been snowing ever since. I'm thinking I'll have to get someone to shovel my roof off. Max loves the big flakes and sits in front of the picture window trying to catch them. The neighbors think it is the funniest thing they ever saw. Even though he's an indoor cat, the neighbors all know him. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I love it here most of the time, but when Spring rolls around and you still have to shovel snow, you think about moving to a warmer climate. Sorry about the tirade, but sometimes you just have to vent.

Max's Mommy
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We did.t get any snow ,but is only 35*I swear I am going to move south!
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We've had hard hail! My poor horses were getting slammed. The hail hitting the roof of their stalls scared them so bad they wouldn't go into them to get out of the weather. They did stand under the trees- but man it was nasty there for awhile.
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We have had a winter storm warning here since yesterday. I'm in Toronto, Canada and it has been snowing, freezing raining and raining ice pellets since yesterday.
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Wow, y'all! Interesting Spring weather you're having! It's 74* and sunny in Georgia! Sending warm weather vibes your way!!!
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I am really fed up with this weather and I have to vent too, sorry. Especially since I DON'T like winter in the first place. The weather where I live is similiar to the weather in Toronto and we are getting really strong gusty winds along with this. (YUCK!!!!) It is only about 25 degrees here right now, (YUCK!!!!) and just the other day it was 65 degrees and I was thinking about starting to get my garden ready for spring. I absolutely HATE it when the weather keeps jumping back and forth between hot and cold, and keeps doing it for such a PROLONGED period of time. All this does is make everyone SICK!!!!

I think all the really pretty spring-time pictures they show on the Weather Channel are getting me more fed up!!!!!!! (Sorry I have to vent like this.)
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it's sunny here but there is a big black cloud looming over the horizon, I think we might get a Spring storm! woohoo! I really miss the lightening showers from Ontario when I was a kid.
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It's a little cloudy and has been raining. It is 56*F here though so I won't complain! Sending warm vibes to the colder members!
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I know how you guys feel...this changing weather really stinks...Tuesday it was 85 here and now today it is around 40. I hear we may get some snow tonight.
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70s, here, with overnights, in the high 40s. Monday, we hit 90!:tounge2:
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You people who are enjoying warm springtime weather are lucky!!!!!
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We ended up getting rain and pea sized hail. and tonight it snowed a little bit but now it's just raining.YUCK! and here I thought it was finally going to be nice!
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Give me winter any time! And you're very welcome to take away that nast heat wave we're having this weekend! It's supposed to get over 100F today!!!
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I don't believe it - more snow over the weekend!!! I couldn't get into my work parking lot this morning because the plow truck blocked the way. Our snow removal service is supposed to be here an hour before we arrive, but I guess he wasn't aware of the time change. I had to drive around for 15 min. before I could get into the parking lot. People are so depressed - one week we had 70 degree weather and the next we have over 25+ inches of snow. Yesterday was sunny, but temps only got to the 20's. I need sunshine and a day at least in the 40's.

Max's Mommy
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I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get rid of 4 inches of solid ice on my driveway and sidewalk - I am in so much pain today now! Tonight we are supposed to get 10 to 15 ceentimetres of snow. Ick! I am ready for spring any time now Mother Nature!
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I guess I'd rather have snow than ice. You can control snow, but it is hard to get rid of that much ice. Just to get your footing to take a pick at it would be hard. I guess I'll stop complaning about the snow. I just heard that we are supposed to be in the 50's by the end of the week. If we have sunshine, the snow will be gone soon. Yahoo!!!

Max's Mommy
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I almost fell 10 times yesterday clearing the ice. Sometimes I think you hurt yourself more when you stop the fall then actually falling! I just bought some Robaxisal - I hope it helps!
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Yep, nasty weather here as well. Just got sent home from school. If you guys could please pray that my friends who are driving home are safe, it would mean a lot to me. It's really bad out there and there's already been a few accidents.
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Just said a prayer for your friends. I hope they make it back safe and sound. I hate driving in ice storms. Like I said before, give me a snow storm anytime, but ice how terrible. I'm very fortunate though, the people that take care of the roads were I live really are the greatest. I would rather be in bad weather here, than anywhere else. The people are used to driving in it and the road crews are quick to clean it up.

Max's Mommy
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Thank you very much, Nora. The road crews are usually prepared here, but I think most of the equipment was put away considering it's April and all. I've only seen two snowplows go down my street and the sidestreet, where I usually see a lot more.
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Its snowing....again....somemore. Stop it!
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Adymarie, A couple of months ago, one of my co-workers fell on some ice covered with a light dusting of snow and injured her knee. Her knee is getting better now, but she still has some pain.

Another thing, is that temperatures that keep fluctuating can cause problems with sidewalks. We have older sidewalks in my town which have become uneven and broken in places because of the ground repeatedly freezing and thawing. A couple of times I have fallen because of these uneven areas which can be difficult to see and hurt my knee too, so I have sympathy for my co-worker.
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