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helping a kitten?

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I have a huge problem! ( one is im a sucker,lol)

my other problem is i have 6 kittens or so under my house AGAIN!! Seems my house is feral heaven,lol.

I have caught one of the lil rascals. They were on my enclosed porch, and my DH shut the door. one jumped onto my shelves, a few out the window ( i have a ladder outside the window for them to crawl on) and one ATTACKED me! Well, my feet anway the lil stinker! he looked at my feet, and hissed ans spit and jumped at me, so i opened the door and let him free, flight or fight, and i flew,lol

The one i caught is a 8-10 weeks of age, female and B&W. She didnt want NOTHING to do with me. Then a few hours later, i could touch her, then pick her up. Now she wants loving 24/7,lol. I have only had her 48 hours. I have been keeping her in a med sized dog kennel with litter, food and water on the porch, cause i was afraid to bring her in.

But now shes so loving and sweet, i feel bad keeping the cage on the porch. I have contacted a cat welfare site, and they are willing to take her, but cant till monday or tuesday.

Should i bring the kennel inside? I have my bunch, but they are all UTD on shots and things.

Guess i just feel bad for her, being in a smallish cage, and crying for attention. I dont have a spare room for her to have atm, or she would have been in long before now.

Guess im jsut a big SAP,lol
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If the porch is enclosed I would keep her out there, even if yours are OTD on shots, she could have an illness not covered by regular shots and will probably have worms too.

Are you going to try and get the others?
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going to try. working on finding where i can borrow a trap from.

I have a few people intrested in her, so i might find her a home soon
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Good job!
I found my outdoor almost feral kittens to be butter once I got them inside. They gave up the wild routine after about a day of good food, cuddles and the realization that inside sure was more comfy than outside. She will do well somewhere.
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