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Cat relocation

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We are weeks away from relocating the entire family 2/3 of the way across the state (4-5 hours).

What are the best options for helping our (2) cats make the trip? We planned on talking with the vet for maybe some form of sedative or something. They will be in separate carriers, probably/possibly in separate vehicles.

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Hennessy has made a 7 hour trip with me (twice... there and back) without any issue.

Perhaps try them out in the car and see if there will be an issue? If they are, kitty valium may help, but if they aren't... why bother?

He mewed a bit at first and then fell asleep... only woke up to beg for some of my lunch...
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I just moved my 2 lovely kitties 3.5 hours away from our old home. I spoke with my vet who offered sedatives but (I felt) highly suggested taking them without medication. She said most cats, even the ones who don't like cars, threw a fit for 20 minutes or so and then calmed down. I took her advice, but I was seriously concerned about Evie going on this trip - she is so skittish and nervous all the time, I feared a car ride that long would traumatize her. I was surprised to learn that Evie was completely fine on the trip; she bunkered down right away and came out of her carrier just fine. Alex, who I was not worried about nearly as much, cried the ENTIRE time. If I were to do it again, I would certainly get him sedatives. I would recommend taking your cats in the car for a ride a bit longer than they've experienced before your move and seeing how they react. Good luck!
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really depends on the cat. have you traveled any distance at all w/them?
my 1st cat, Medly, would get carsick. first, she'd complain, then get all foamy at the mouth, then upchuck.
i got sedatives for her - any trip over 20 minutes, she was pilled 1st.
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When we moved here it took over 3 hours to get here and my Cats had never been on a long trip. Coco was in front with me and was fine except she panted because I went to turn on the A/C and it broke. The heat came on. the other Cats were in the back seat. Meeko was mean and kept biting her son that was in the carrier with her. He peed in there. Stormy was fine. They all were fine when we got here except stormy who hid.
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