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Large trap needed in NYC

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Got this email today, and thought I'd post it here to see if anyone from NYC could help -
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Need to borrow large trap today.Someone local with trap. I am on w 15th st.NYC. I only have small trap not good for keeping cat overnight.

Need assistance to trap wild unfixed male feral cat in picture that wandered into my yard and starting fights and raising hell and with my 2 feral cats one who is vulnerable with just one eye now. I have to keep going out after 1 am to try and break up fights. Concerned because I am not sure if this cat carrying any disease and other cats vulnerable. Please help if can. It is creating much chaos for my feral cats, they are nervous and upset as this cat has taken over their terrority and concerned for their well being as well as this cat. He is in one of my cats shelters that you see in picture. He is very beat up,definitely some skin condition,ravenous appetite. He is too much for me to trap alone.

Need someone with car to get me to ASPCA mobile van this Sunday am with this cat. Need to be at 144th & Amsterdam by 8am if I get him trapped. No way I can get him there alone in trap.

Will need place for cat if he is not sick and if he would continue being territorial. Please e-mail asap
If you think you may be able to help her, please PM me and I'll send you her email.
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Can't help personally, but....

We have a list of useful organisations at the shelter and the closest to her is
They have a list of people who help with TNR and ferals that might be able to help.
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