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Giving meds to cats suck!

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Uhhhggggg!!! My poor, poor little babies. They always have to suffer because I keep bringing in animals! Anyway, stupid me brought home a dog and because it cost us hundreds of dollars we had to wait to go to the vet. Bruno has Giardia!! This is something that can be passed to my cats, and myself.

The vet gave all the babies meds that we need to treat at the same time so it goes away. This was two days ago. I can’t seem to give the boys their meds!! Bruno is so easy (gotto love dogs enthusiasm) all I do is put peanut butter on a treat, stick the pill in and hes as happy as happy can be. The cats are a different story…

First the vet gave us some sort of white liquid. The cats hated it so much that they started foaming and we got most of the meds on us, the cats and the floor. We couldn’t tell how much of a dosage they actually got. And that was syringing it really slow with syringing water after each small bit. Then Bugsy vomited whatever we did give him.

Yesterday i talked to the vet and said there was no way that was going to happen. So they gave me a mushy pill that was “supposed†to taste like chicken. Well my cats hated it so much they didn’t even eat their soft food (which they would kill for)

I don’t know what to do!!! Anyway that’s my vent Lol I’m so frustrated.
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I recently had to give baycox to my cats, which is a liquid med that my cats absolutely hated. I decided to put the liquid in pills and it worked great. What helped was I fed them a bit of food with gravy prior to pilling and I coated the pill in gravy. After the second or third pill even my cat that fought me with every bit of his might gave in and seemed to like it.
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How do you put liquid in pills? My vet said something about that but said it would take too long or soemthing.
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I bought a bunch of 3ml syringes off ebay for about $10.
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I forgot to mention, others things that might have made the process easier was I pilled them when they were really hungry, and I made them exercise beforehand. I thought maybe the hunt would get them ready to swallow big chunks of gelatin.
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I have been having trouble with Coco barfing her liquid Meds. Yesterday I got Clavamox in the pill form and pill pockets. They look like treats and she took it with no problem. She even begged for more. Maybe you can get the pill pockets. I didnt even have to chase her to give the pill. The Meds you got for your Cats sounds like Clavamox. Here is the website for the pill pockets. http://www.greenies.com/en_US/Produc...llpockets.aspx
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My baby is a real tough one when it comes to give her anything she does not approve of, say, even things like supplement which does not suppose to taste bad to her at all. If I try to seize her & force putting anything into her mouth, she literally locks-up close her mouth!

So whatever it is, liquid or solid, not even a tiniest single drop, or even a hint of it, would get into her mouth...literally impossible for me to orally giving medicine to her. When she had UT, I discussed this with my vet asking for an option. She had to be on antibiotic med for 2 weeks but instead, she got a one-time shot that supposed to last just as long as the duration for her to be on the med. It costed me extra $$ but that may also be your option if worst comes worse.
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