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Boni and Phenobarbital

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Boni takes 12.5 mg of Phenobarbital twice a day for seizures. She is a average sized cat 3 years. Is this a normal dose? Will she have to take it for life? Does it zonk out cats? I live in a foreign country where English is the 4th language so I do not feel we are communicating well. He is kind for sure.
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I am dealing with a kitten with seizures at the moment, so I have been trying to educate myself on this. In my case, they suspect the kitty has a brain lesion. This is untreatable and incurable. She has had 3 seizures in a week and none since then. They want to put her on phenobarb, but not until I fast her 12 hours and they do blood work (so they can check all her levels) Because of the fact that she isn't seizing all the time, I have decided to just wait and see what happens. She is a very tiny kitten. She was premature when she arrived here and I don't think her body could handle such a drug.

Seizures in cats is rare (Or so I have been told.) Do they know why your cat is seizing? Did they do bloodwork so they have a baseline on the health of her organs? her dosage depends on her weight and overall health. Pheno is the drug of choice because it is so inexpensive and it is also effective. The dosage is usually 2-4 mg every 12 hours (again depends on what type of seizure she is having.) My vet told me that if I did put Panic on this drug, he would want to draw blood from her the second hour after she took it, and then 6 hours later. It is a neuro transmitter inhibiter meaning it sedates the cat and calms the activity of the brain, but it does cause liver disorders if not monitored. Because of the lesion, the drug may or may not work for Panic.

I have learned that a high-fat diet can trigger seizures in some cats.
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wow, so 12.5 mg is quite a lot??
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I need to mention I live in a small Caribbean island. We have no diagnostics. I have no idea why she is seizing...
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your kitty *could* just have epilepsy. if it does have epilepsy, there doesnt *have* to be a reason, just like when humans have it - its ideopathic, meaning it just happens.
im epileptic but i dont know that much about phenobarb; ive never taken it. most anti-seizure meds cause liver probs and have to be monitered, tho. i do know that from experience
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