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Is this the right Kitty for me

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I have 2 cats that I got at the shelter about 3 months ago, a boy and a girl. They are not related but they are both about 6 months old. The girl is very quiet, affectionate, but generally reserved and calm. The boy is the opposite..he's overly affectionate and aggressive. If he has not had enough exercise during the day he will start attacking the other kitten when I go to bed at night (I keep them outside my room.) Also he wants me to either hold him or pet him constantly, but I'm somewhat allergic to cats so a cuddly cat is not exactly what I want. I really wouldn't mind if he just wanted to sit on my lap every once in a while, but he keeps getting up there constantly and tries to get as close to my face as he can. he's also very bitey if i touch anywhere other than his head.

So my question is.. should I ride out this stage in his life and hope he calms down, or should I rehome him? I'm concerned that myself and the other kitty cannot provide enough stimulation for him throughout the day. On the other hand he's very intelligent and attractive (looks like a Maine Coon.) I got 2 kitties to start with so they theoretically wouldn't be bored, but this one is just so much more aggressive than the other. They are both fixed. Thanks for your advice....
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Hi, well I think you can expect that things will get even crazier before they get quieter as far as the male goes, usually when they're a year and a couple of months old at least, if not a bit longer (though I'd honestly like to tell you different). Young male cats can just be the most rambunctious things, and there isn't a lot you can do to change them short of locking them up all day. I am curious as to why you chose kittens if you don't want or can't handle cuddly pets, because cats are known to be cuddly creatures, and certainly either or both of yours may well feel the lack of 'affection' throughout their lives if you constantly keep them at a distance (or try to!).
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Have you had them neutered and spayed yet? If not, it's about time, and that might affect the behavior, somewhat.
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They have both been fixed.

This cat seems to have a particularly cuddly personality. I don't mind as long as he doesn't try to rub my face, but he seems to enjoy being on my lap particularly when I'm trying to use the computer or trying to eat. I'd like to break him of this behavior if possible. I think he'll eventually outgrow his desire to attack the other cat in the middle of the night....she's been a little under the weather this week so she isn't as playful with him as she has been.

So I need to find other ways to stimulate him during the day..I have a wand toy but that isn't always enough to wear him out. Maybe a kitty condo would help? I have played with him with a laser pointer, but it makes him crazy and he gets so excited I worry his little heart might explode. They have lots of toys, but it just seems like they don't play with them much when I'm not home.
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Six months is a very active, wild age for many cats. He should mellow in time.
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I got my Spooky when he was 7 months old and he was crazy playful. He never liked laser pointers but he has this fishing pole type toy (we call it his bird) that he goes nuts over and I would play that and let him chase it for as long as he would in the evening before bed. He gets so excited he jumps several times his height into the air, runs into things and overall freaks out but he has fun and it wears him out. Eventually he will tire himself out so bad he lays down on the floor panting and is more than glad to go to sleep for awhile. After he hit a year old he calmed down some though he is still very playful.

He used to get in my face all the time too and while I don’t have allergies I don’t like animals in my face (I do like cuddles though!). When Spooky would get in my face I would place him down on my lap and pet him and let him nuzzle my arms and torso, etc. just not my face. If he continued to force himself in my face I would put him down and ignore him. Now he only gets into my face when I’m asleep and he wants to wake me up when walking all over me doesn’t do the trick.

I would think just not allowing him to rub in your face and showing him that is unacceptable behavior but that he can still get attention in other ways would work for your guy too.
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I just want to add that if he is very affectionate now, chances are he always will be
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