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Daily Thread Fri 27th June!

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Well, I am just getting the place organised and packing another box and get the place clean before a special memeber from TCS comes to visit tomorrow!!

Pretty gloomy here in Frankfurt today! It's also coldish!

Sometimes i ask my self where is Summer?

Have a great day!

Enjoy seeing your Man tonight Natalie
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I'm not up to anything much today (again) lol. Just hanging around at my nans on TCS and then later going to book the holiday to Florida with my mom eek!! So excited!

Have a great day peeps!!
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28 and sunny today! Will be bearing the albinos.

Yes, I am thrilled to see JOsh tonight..too bad I have to wait sooooooooo long on the stinky bus!

Anyhoo have a great weekend folks!

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morning all

today would of been my grandma's birthday I miss her

sunny and humid today at least I work in the air conditioning so it won't be to bad and when I finish at 5 it'll be starting to cool down

woo tomorrow's the weekend
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Hot, hazy and humid to start the day off-then "severe" weather moving in later this afternoon-Tstorms, hail, windy etc.....

Have to do those errands this am that I couldn't do yesterday-a couple of clients and drop plants off at rummage sale for local cat rescue group.

Neil asked if I was working alot of hours today to make up for yesterday and I asked if he would like to work outside in this weather!!

Thought my hosta garden meeting was last night-we drove to the house which is about 30 minutes away-no cars!! hmmmm so looked at newletter it was Tuesday (oops). So we stopped at DQ before going back home.

This week cannot end soon enough for me!!
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Morning All!!!

Foggy, foggy, foggy, here this morning. Barely see across the street..I suppose I could always hope to get lost in the fog on my way to work but I am sure they have me micro chipped just in case..

Heading out shortly, should be finished at work by 5 then have a bit of shopping to do. Most likely just grab some take-out for dinner and a movie for this evening...

Lot's of tourist in my neck of the woods right now and it seems the safest coarse of action is to stay home out of their way..

Kitties are fog watching this morning they seem to find it quite entertaining...

Everyone have a great day
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Pretty gloomy here in Frankfurt today! It's also coldish!

Sometimes i ask my self where is Summer?
That's how it is here- gloomy, foggy, smokey, and cold! Funny how when it's bad weather everything sounds so depressing!

Boy, if mistressotdark were here, she could get some amazing shots of this sun! It's a solid, dark, bright redish orange. It's really something to see! Pretty amazing what so much smoke in the air will do to the sun. I tried to take a picture of it to share with you guys, but it was terrible!

So the X-Pack is 30 days old today. And they are doing great! I'm so in love with them. After a few hours of terrific kitten playing, they ALL curled up and fell asleep on me last night! It'll be tough to let them go.

Evie must have felt like she was being out done, because she was in SERIOUS cuddle mode all night! She's really good lately about not waking me up for cuddles any more, but my wonderful alarm decided to short circuit or something and (it's supposed to go off at 6), it went off at 4 AND at 5 (and of course, not at 6 ), so she had a great excuse to cuddle starting nice and early in the morning!

My mom is going to school now, and taking accounting, which is what I do for work, so I've been helping her out a LOT. So to thank me, tonight she's taking hubby and I out to ice cream! So that's what I'm looking forward to tonight!

Every one have a happy Friday and enjoy the weekend!
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well If I can somehow snag a free plane ticket and a place to stay
I wish I had the time and or $$$ to come down to CA..I'd love to take photos there...
my aunt is in Upland, CA....never been to her place yet...
one day i'll get there...
its humid outside here..supposed to cloud over and rain..perhaps thundershower...
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If it is not hotter than he**, it is at least in the same zip code. I don't go out unless I absolutely have to.
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Well, the weather is going to be nice all week - sunny and in the mid- to high-80's. But the smoke around here is awful! Yesterday was the worst day so far. The air quality was so bad that I was coughing most of the day and I stayed inside. I don't even have asthma, just bad allergies. The fires aren't even really that near to where we live.

Today and the rest of the week should be better. I am going to brave going to the gym to work out. Inside, in the air conditioning. No swimming until the air is better.
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