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Rodeo playing fetch video!

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This is a nightly game with Rodeo and I, it started a couple weeks ago and I figured I'd try to get it on camera. He's 3 months old now and just as spunky as ever!

If I go to bed early and we don't play, I wake up to several mice in the bed with me. =)
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Tuffy plays fetch too. I love it!!
How sweet are the babies!
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So cute!
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aww bless his little
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ROFL that is GREAT!! Bella will go chase things if I throw, but she never brings them back! haha that is too cute, he's a beautiful cat Thanks for sharing!
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Oh my gosh, Rodeo is so cute! Not only is he cute, but he plays fetch like a champ! Go Rodeo, you rock!

Thank you so much for sharing that video. It made me giggle!
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Awww! That is just tooo cute! He's such a hansome lil man!!!
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so adorable My cat alfie does this too!
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Rodeo's such a smart handsome boy Love the part where Flower wanders into the shot and kinda looks stunned for a split second when she sees your camera Wukong used to play fetch too, but he would only drop the mouse right in front of me if I wasn't watching him bring it back. If I was watching him, he'd drop it like a foot away and expect me to retrieve it
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Oh goodness isn't Rodeo a clever little thing!!
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That is so cute, and he's adorable.
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