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stinky kitten gas

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After watching all the threads with new babies, I feel like odd man out with this question.

Okay, so the diarrhea cleared up and Ben is doing pretty good at using the litter box now. He still misses at times, but not nearly as often.

So, is it normal for kittens to have stinky farts? Sometimes he even squeaks. It's actually kind of funny, but I want to know if I need to worry or not. He's somewhere between 6 and 7 weeks old now.

I appreciate all feedback.

to all the new babies and their moms!
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was he on something to help w/the diarrhea?

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The vet said to split a capsule of culturelle. When his stool firmed up I quit the culturelle. Someone said to try bene-bac (you?), but things improved so I didn't get any. I have introduced dry kitten food mixed into the wet. I thought the change might have caused it, but lactobacillus acidophilus is listed among the ingredients so I'm really unsure. How common is it for kittens to be gassy?
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I would say yes, kittens can be gassy! Most of mine have been. Also the food change might add to it.
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Zoey was a stinky kitty with constant gas and diarhea. It turned out that she had Giardia. She is fine now.
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I have not smelled kitty gas in awhile. Mary had it when I got her and PU. I am glad to not experience it. I am sure it makes the kitten feel better to pass it. But boy it can be awful.
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yeah, Java had major gas as a kitten - plus, she loved to sleep on my shoulder then, it developed into soft stool, then diarrhea - she had an intestinal bacterial overgrowth. took 2 rounds of antibiotics & a round of probiotics to cure - but now, no more gas!
bad side effect - she stopped wanting to sleep on me... i think the warmth must've helped w/the abdominal cramps she was probably having [i know i get those w/diarrhea & gas].
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I appreciate all the feedback. The vet ruled out any truly bad stuff when I first took him in for the diarrhea so I'm thankful it's just plain old gas and not Giardia or anything.

It's so funny, because he'd be sleeping cradled along my arm and I could feel the little bubbles in his belly. And then the stinkiness would rise up to my nose.

Or worse, he'd be asleep on my shoulder.

As soon as he'd wake up I would immediately place him in the litter box.

The last couple days he seems to be better. He's definitely into full kitten mode. His favorite thing to play with - feet. Ouch.
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